questionsdoes anyone give a c about the boc anymore?


I have not won a BOC in over 2 years, so I don't give and A, B, C, D, E or F about BOC's anymore


I'm sure some folks probably do, but I stopped closely monitoring the Woot offs in an effort to get one a couple of years ago.


I believe people are, they were really excited over the April Fool's BOC. I unfortunately was at jury duty that week and had no internet access, but had I had access, I would have tried for one. Some users have gone as far to set up second screen names for themselves to get more than one BOCs, so yes, I would say there is still an interest.

In the year and a half that I have been a member I've gotten 2, the first was really awesome and the second was not as awesome but still fun.


I have never won a BOC in the 4+ years I have been wooting :( I tried pretty hard to get one plenty of times, but I always missed out.


I got two BOC, which was kind of fun but kind of disappointing (we're talking serious crap here, including broken bits of who-knows-what), but I have no interest at all in jumping through hoops to try to buy another one. And I don't do social media at all, so that particular market is lost on me.


Well worded question! In short, the answer is no. BOCs started to become cookie-cutter boxes and then they nearly disappeared all together.

It's really the random thrill of the hunt that I miss – although my F5 feels a little differently


I've also never won a BOC in the 3 years I've been a member, but I've gotten:
- a free Crab Revolution shirt
- a free Atari 2600 console thing for no apparent reason
- a free pair of Women's Mush Frio Mary Jane shoes (because they didn't fit, and Woot refunded the $$ and said to keep them. My wife gave them to a friend.)
- a free Woot shirt because I stupidly ordered the wrong size and Woot sent me the right size at no cost because they're awesome like that

. . . so I'm not too broken up about never paying $3 for a BOC.


Not really. I was one of the few that picked up one of the Tools & Garden BOCs. There was one useful thing in it (a pair of Gunnar gaming glasses: too bad I already have one). The rest of the stuff is being saved for the next Wootizen BOC exchange.

I really don't care at all about this current Woot Off either. I used to get very excited: to the point of being upset when I missed things on the drive home. Not anymore. I'm thinking of that old Chicago song:

"Does anybody know a Woot Off's going on?
Does anybody really care?"


no. i've gotten several, and none of them have justified the hooplah tbph.


I care. I find that the $8 cost for a Bag of Crap is well worth the couple of weeks of excitement and the fun true "randomness" of what you receive. I avoid reading what others have received until after I open mine.

Now, for this Woot-off event, I will more than likely not take part. I am terrible at crosswords and I, sadly, do not have the time to commit to trying to be one of the first two to guess the correct answer.

I wish the best of luck to anyone trying for one in this crapword puzzle event.


Got a BOC once.

Truly crap. So I don't care.

As a matter of fact, I didn't realize there was a woot off going on until now.


in all my years as a member of the community, i never understood the appeal.

it's like watching "deal or no deal." it makes people defy logic.

but maybe that's part of the point.


@pemberducky: Truly no offence it is because you are a noob. The BOC of the past went past the crap and was truly an experience.

@rayray8822: - a free Crab Revolution shirt
- a free Atari 2600 console thing for no apparent reason
The reason is because you were a valued member of the deals.woot team, making it great. (I also got both)


I got 4-6 BoC's back when they were still in their prime.. The BOC's of today do not even come close to the BoC's of the good old woot days...

So to answer the question, couldn't care less.. Even if I saw the BoC pop up in real time.. I wouldn't try for it..

R.I.P. Woot


I used to enjoy them, so I guess I do give a C. I liked the anticipation. When one didn't appear I knew that meant another day of Wooting Off. When I was lucky enough to get one, I was excited. And, opening it was always a fun family affair. I miss all that.


@caffeine_dude: stay awake for endless hours posting cat pictures on the auspice that maybe - MAYBE - you'd have the opportunity to buy leftovers, broken bits or maybe - MAYBE - you'd get a TV or something HILARIOUS like 600,000 Call of Duty figurines.
i'd save the pocket money for the vending machines, where there was a certainty that what was dispensed was of some value to me. that novelty - that "EXPERIENCE" - was to me comparable to attending a garage sale put on at 3:00am by demented ppl (i love those demented ppl, btw).
obviously my opinion was never the popular one.

speaking as a staff member now: if this thread's any indication, the concept is less interesting than it once was. it's not a viable "branding" device, perhaps, if your community is growing exponentially. personally, i dedicate a good deal of time pondering ideas that might be fresher and more inclusive. and if y'all have any ideas that you'd like to see us try on that front, i'd love to hear 'em.


@pemberducky: Still worth it. For fun you would get ban from making comments for 24 hours about bed time of a woot off, (Woot offs only lasted 1 day) by posting a picture of the 'Skittles Girl' (if you google not too safe for work). Once you get your crap you have to wait 2 weeks to get it....You would check out after 12 days what others were getting if you could not wait the last 2 days. When you opened it up you would (hopefully get something odd) and try to figure out who to regift. It was like this:
Me; Here have this.
Them; What is this for.
Me; Because, just open it.
Them; Oh this is cool (assuming I gave it to the right person) I would not give the giant Pez to my wife or the Xmas ornament to my child.
I still use my Puck.