questionsprime vs.'s time to make a choice!


i'm kind of in the same situation except i still have netflix streaming. my free Prime membership expires in a few months, and i plan on switching to Amazon streaming then because it's only $39 a year for students (a lot cheaper than netflix, like you said) and i still want free 2-day shipping on qualified items. Prime instant videos can only stream up to 720p (as opposed to 1080p by Netflix) but that's not a big deal for me cuz i usually watch stuff on my pc (21.5" monitor). i've also heard that netflix has twice the content of Prime instant videos, but Amazon is still adding a lot of titles (3000 more by the end of this year


if you decide to sign up for the paid prime membership, make sure you wait til ur free period is over. From amazon: "You are currently receiving free Amazon Prime shipping benefits. When you sign up for a paid annual membership, your free period will end immediately and your paid Amazon Prime membership will begin."


Amazon doesn't have as big a selection of stuff to stream, but it's much cheaper and adds the free shipping, so I think it's a better value.

I've used both and cancelled both, but I just got back on prime mainly because of the free shipping.


I have both Amazon and Netflix.

Just realized how much Netflix costs a year, I think I'm going to cancel by the end of summer.

Only reason why I'm keeping Netflix is because Apple TV has it and it's way easier to navigate than Amazon currently.

But I haven't tried Amazon on my PS3 yet, haven't fired up that puppy for nearly six months now.

Plus I think Amazon doesn't have much of a good selection than Netflix.

I dunno, my Amazon prime student also ends this year.. now I need to think about if I really need to pay that $80. Ugh.


I'm sticking with Netflix. While Amazon is good for shipping, all the stuff I want to watch on there requires you to buy/rent it and most of the shows will have those same episodes coming on Netflix in a couple months, so I wouldn't be saving any money really.


I have both and use Netflix for all my watching. I like the idea of Amazon Prime viewing but the navigation is a great deal more cumbersome and lacking in content. Netflix allows me to makes lists of shows for me and my family to watch in the que and displays good variety clearly labeled on the front page. I may not have delved the depths of Amazon Prime viewing enough to find a good way to search it and to find the things that might interest me in watching but Netflix makes it much easier for me. I mostly use my Prime account for shipping hoping the video set up gets better.


Same boat here. Since Amazon Video is now available on Xbox LIVE I have a decision to make. The Amazon interface is a little harder to navigate, on Xbox LIVE it's very similar to the Hulu+ interface. My wife is a college prof. so we have Student Prime and it would only be $39 like you said... so that may be the deciding factor.

No matter what we're not spending much on TV... cord cutting FTW!


Prime. Much better benefits. Netflix just isn't a good value for money for me anymore.


I have both.

Prime is great and I don't plan on getting rid of it. However, if you were to compare just the streaming portion of Prime to Netflix, I think Netflix wins.

Netflix has a better selection of movies and TV shows. Prime has several things Netflix doesn't but Netflix has many more things Prime doesn't.

Netflix has a better interface than Prime, at least on the various devices I use it on.

If you compare all that you get with a Prime membership then yes, I suspect Prime is the better value but it's not really a fair comparison unless you just look at Streaming v Streaming.

In the end, I use them both and I'm happy with both and it still costs less than cable.


I wasn't impressed with Netflix. I'm not really a movie watcher, but I do like TV shows, and Prime seems to have most of what I want to watch.

Prime if you like TV shows more.

Netflix if you like movies more.


Oh, and I think the interface depends on your device. Roku rocks.


I have both. I'm not a big fan of Amazon's interface and most of the stuff I want to watch is not available for free streaming.

Plus, I think my ISP throttles Amazon for some reason. Whenever I watch streaming video from them it is extremely glitchy and has to buffer several times. Netflix streaming does not have this problem nor does anything else I stream (MLB.TV, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, etc).

But I do love the benefit of having Amazon streaming video and have no intentions on canceling. Though it's only a matter of time before Amazon decides to separate the streaming video from the shipping or get rid of the prime shipping entirely for the streaming video. At $96/year and $80/year, it is not that big of a deal for me.


Still Netflix. The quality is much better and it's less of a hassle to use.


I got Prime for the shipping, so the movies are a huge bonus.


I had Prime for a few months trial and I am a Netflix subscriber.

I decided I don't care when my stuff arrives. I usually don't order less than $25 at a time anyway, or I just wait to buy until I have enough things to hit $25.

So it all came down to streaming content. For me, Netflix has more of what I want. Plus, I also get DVD's through the mail with Netflix. There's too many things I want to see that aren't on any streaming service. But really, you could add that to Prime for about the same price.

So I think Netflix has better content, and I don't order enough from Amazon nor read books quickly enough to need everything else Prime has to offer.


i just want to point out that amazon should change how they advertise prime $79 seems really steep, but when you divide it out its only $6.53~$6.54 a month, cheaper than netfilx, includes shipping and other perks, and amazon is adding videos extremely quick.


I would agree with the above; Prime for the shipping and think of the streaming as a bonus.