questionswhere is a good place to get fleece material for…


I saw some good stuff on, and is currently having a BLOWOUT SALE ON SOLID FLEECE. It's an all caps sale, so you know it's good.


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back on topic, have you checked out Jo-Ann fabrics? They have the occasional sale on fleece

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Watch the sales flyers/websites of your local fabric stores. Around here, we have Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock Fabrics. All of them will put fleece into the regular sale rotation. They also frequently offer coupons for 40% off of regularly-priced items. A cut of fabric counts as an item, so sometimes that's an even better deal than the fleece sales.

Links to the flyer/sale sections of each chain's website:
Hobby Lobby:
Hancock Fabrics: EDIT: Apparently it won't let me direct link. Go to and click "Local Sales Ad" on the sidebar.


@caffeine_dude: @rainbowshark offers some very useful advice. I'm pretty sure I even saw a Joann's coupon on Deals. Wait a second...

Nope. Nothing current (just a free shipping that ended tonight). Still, that would be my personal number one choice, with Hobby Lobby a close second, since they also have actual stores that you can go to. When I look at the site, there's some pretty good discounts, but only good for in-store, not for online.


joann's has a 60% off coupon on their website for any regular priced item. Valid sunday (today) only.


For anyone else following this question. The coupon @kamikazeken mentioned is for instore only. They do have a free shipping coupon for orders over $50 until the 22nd.


I had the same question at the beginning of the winter when I first wanted to look into a new fabric to work with. I used They had a lot of options and specials when I purchased my supplies. Can't believe how much I enjoy working with fleece fabric!


I second the vote. I've been a craft maker for going on 20 years and discovered YourFleece a couple of winters ago. They've got higher quality fabric than what I always got from Joann's or the other big guys, and their prices are really the cheapest around. The key is to sign up for their newsletter or find a coupon code online somewhere, as they offer an extra 15-30% off the sale prices. Anyhow, they converted me with great customer service, pricing and quality, check 'em out!