questionsdid anyone else get an "important message about…


I did too...lame! Love the tags on the question.


yup...what bull crap...doesnt even tell you WHY you are not eligible


Yes. I think you weren't supposed to be able to get it without paying for something else. A glitch, if you will. Once again, deals.woot led me astray and wasted my time. :)


I'll say sorry for posting, but I thought it seemed like a good deal. And I'll repost my response from HSN:

I am sorry for the disappointment that you feel about the cancelation of your wired magazine subscription. I understand that you were expecting that magazine to be delivered as you had place what you though was a legitimate order for the item.
The one-year (12 issues) subscription to Wired magazine valued at $12 was offered with a purchase of any Electronics item priced at $25 or higher while quantities last. Since your order did not meet the requirements for this promotion, the order was canceled. Please know that no charges for this subscription have been made to your credit card.


@okham: Don't be sorry for posting it. Getting a good magazine for free is a great deal. It didn't work out. But that happens. The more important thing is, sometimes, it doesn't happen. Sometimes it does work and we do get good things (or even mediocre things) for free. You didn't know it wouldn't work out. And maybe, next time, HSN will e better about wording their deals and/or fix their checkout system so that it checks for required items before letting something like this go through.


@gt0163c: Thanks for the support. It's funny, the Toyota coffee mug deal from last year on HSN actually worked great. And this deal was also addressed on CNET's Cheapskate:$79.95-shipped/?part=rss&subj=news&tag=title