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Fun fact: I can't dance, but I once worked with a North American DDR champion, he also got flown to Korea free of charge for Pump It Up competitions and such. I sometimes wonder what he's up to now...

Anyways, I've met my fair share of tournament and arcade gamers over the years. The best and cheapest joysticks are the ones they build for themselves. Same rules should apply to DDR type pads as well.

Why buy something that will break on you in under a half a year with regular use when you can make your own for cheap and also learn how to maintain it?

Hope this helps you.


@sykotek: That actually might help -- soldering is not entirely out of the question. Thanks! That site is where I was going to go to get my download, as it happens.

But everyone else: it would be good to have a plan B -- any suggestions?


Oh man, an entire decade of my life was dedicated to DDR and Stepmania. Anyways, lets see if I remember the names of my equipment.

RedOctane makes a $100 foam dance pad called Ignition (It was $100 in 07 so might be different now). It's the best soft foam pad you can get. I got about four months worth out of it, while playing for hours a day on the hardest of difficulties, before the steps started miss firing. If you use it without being on the hardest difficulties, it could last you years. They also have a 90 day warranty.

Other than that, you can buy a flatter version of the metal dance pads that they used for DDR, they were about $300 when I looked them up in 07. From reviews I remember, the only time they would break is it you completely squashed them with steel toe shoes.

Not that cheap, but worth it.