questionswhich do you prefer, 1saleaday's flash sale or a…


I prefer receiving my purchases. So, woot-off for the win.


@90mcg112: Please do tell. I placed an order for cheap HD cables and if there are known issues, I will place any further orders with caution.


Woot-offs have better product imo. A set schedule is nice, but it's not that big a deal. Oh, and I always receive my 1saleaday purchases. Never had a problem with them.


@90mcg112: I have ordered from them before, but returned the product. It was listed as new, but sent refurbished. Customer Service was quick to send the RMA and refund my money. I would shop there again.

As to a woot-off or a flash sale... I pick the woot-off, because of the excitement everybody has waiting to see the next item. The comments round it out and really make it an awesome experience.


@pyxientx: Good point on the comments, those have often times been the deciding factor on whether or not I pull the trigger on a day to day woot. Unfortunately during a woot-off there is not enough time to properly research but they are pretty funny to go back and read.


@wisenekt: They (comments) are funny. Plus, even though we don't have time to research, there are plenty of people willing to research it for us or give their opinion based on ownership. :) Word of mouth on a product can make or break it selling here.


1sale stinks, don't waste you time or money


Definitely Woot-off

I haven't had much bad experience with 1saleaday. I've ordered from them about a dozen times and had relatively quick delivery each time. I did order some earrings from them and only received one, but never contacted them so that was my fault. I'm afraid I lost the other earring before I got ahold of them.

I'm not a big fan of their website though. Their "list price" is never accurate, sometimes double the real price or more. They try to make their deals look better than they are.


I bought quiet a few things lately from 1sale. I was really happy with all the stuff I got.