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I experienced and reported the same. For me it was only emails from the browser question I had posted, but it could have been last days worth or something. sorry for the glitch.

mostly a bummer from being initially excited about having fresh activity to read! :(


@snapster: If I hadn't read the emails already I would have been excited. There was one deal in my email, that was a repeat.


I got about 10 emails with mostly old comments in duplicate.


I got some too - all with @tygerdave in them. Maybe they are correcting (or trying to correct) the problem @perkalicious11 was having before she turned on @ email notifications?


Stop the monkeys! PLEASE! First the comments don't show in the threads but show up in my mailbox. Now mailbox is crammed with ancient duplicates. You got the gremlins wet, didn't you, Woot? AND you fed the after midnight!


@hobbit @tygerdave: I break things. It's far easier than fixing things. :D