questionsis anyone else having problems getting on amazon…


Not happening to me.

Might want to check your hosts file.


@hackman2007: thanks. I found a youtube video showing me how to check the hosts file and mine looks normal except maybe a line that says ::1 localhost
Other than that it looks exactly like the example in the video. I also ran a full virus scan that came up clear and am now trying a malware scan. Any other ideas?


@tippypaws: Are you using a 3rd party DNS service? Like OpenDNS or Google's?

If so, try switching back to your ISP servers or if you are not, try switching to one of them to see if it goes away.


What is this Amazon you speaketh of?


@hackman2007: Oops, I forgot rule #1 of computer problem solving: Reboot. Everything seems fine now. Thanks for your help :)