questionsare you getting emails when your name is…


Wow! You can actually get e-mail on the woot site when mentioned? That's never worked for me :(


@mommyleah: Did you get this one? :)

And yes, as of yesterday this was working. I don't think anyone has called me out today.


@okham: Now remember the rule about activity on mentions. If you respond to this question within the next fifteen, you won't get the email from this comment. Mentions have been working for me, as far as I know. I believe I saw one this morning (I delete 90% of them after glancing at them, and don't always remember what they were about). Once in a while, it's something that requires a response, and I'll come back and do so.

I wonder if it had anything to do with the "tweaking" on notifications that products have shipped (which is STILL not working, as far as I know).

@kmeltzer: Same caveats apply. Don't respond to this until you've seen an email notifying that I made a comment about you (or fifteen minutes from 7:01Am Pacific have passed by).


I haven't had a notification since November.


I have within the past few days. Of course, if I were not getting them, I would not necessarily know that there was one out there that I should have. I assume it is working well.


@shrdlu: Everyone else can ignore this. I'm just testing the notification by using this account to "mention" myself.

Remember, sit on your hands until that magic timer is up. Don't even vote up a comment, since that may count as activity.

For safety, give it another 10 minutes from now (I see 7:09 AM Pacific on the clock).


@shrdlu: Got your comment in my email, and a few others, so everything is working as normal for me.

The only thing I could suggest (if you haven't already checked) is to see if the Mentions? Slider is checked in your deals.woot account.


Mentions were working yesterday at 7:27 AM Eastern (4;27 AM Pacific), which is when I last received one.

It may very well be what @shrdlu has pointed out (the whole confusing thing about activity within fifteen minutes...)


Aha! It seems like SpamAssassin suddenly started marking emails from deals.woot above my SPAM score threshold. Very weird.

Sorry for any false alarms :-) Nothing to see here.... oh look.. a bird...


If I haven't been, I haven't noticed. I check threads I'm interested in fairly regularly though, just had a busy couple of days with hard drive migrations and errands and whatnot.

But as far as I know, I am. I vaguely recall seeing this problem before, I think resetting your email preferences/logging out and in/ letting an admin know would all be helpful


@thedogma: I just changed my email address and now I'm getting notifications. Thanks for the tip!


i haven't had a day go by that i don't get notifications. guess that means i have to many people mad at me telling me to get over it. oh well. i still love it here.


I thought you were talking about Google Alerts
I get an email every time my real name is mentioned on a website, also have a few alerts for my wife and a couple of friends who make the news occasionally. Its a pretty good feature for identity protection.


Half the time I dont, the other half they are hours late, and I usually check Deals.woot every hour to see if I can stroke my ego, so the notifications have become worthless.