questionsdoes anyone have any batting cage tips?


Go today and practice! You're crazy if you think you can get by without practicing today. Line you little knuckles up and keep your back elbow up. Swing through the ball and keep your eyes on it until the bat makes contact.

You'll be alright and remember, your date will be just as nervous as you. Unless they're a professional softball or baseball player....

GL go get'em tiger!


@mkentosh: Great advice! That goes for in the cage and if you score.


I'd start out on a slower speed, just to get used to it, then move to a faster cage when you are comfortable. Once you've found the rhythm, it's actually pretty easy to hit in the cages, since the timing is the same and you can depend upon decent pitches (as opposed to live pitching).

You seem to know enough about hitting, since you talked about hips and rotation. My biggest tip would be to watch the ball long enough. Most people who swing and miss take their eye off of the ball before making contact, and end up looking at the pitcher or totally pulling their head out toward third base (assuming a right-handed hitter). Your eyes should be looking at the bat over home plate upon contact. Make yourself see the ball hit the bat.

And have fun!


Don't get hit.

Seriously though, do something that's low speed and straight, which should make it easier to hit.

You can also always play the cliche date-competition card: let her go first. Then if you do poorly, you can joke about letting her win.


Practice. Slower speed then up to faster. Get the right weight bat. Get batting gloves if you can - it'll help with grip and vibration. Choke up on the bat to get more control. Start off with the softballs cause they're bigger, slower, and easier to hit. If given the choice, get the aluminum bats cause they "sing" when you hit it and they go farther. If you go wooden bat, then you cna go with some story about being a traditionalist.


I'm curious: why take a date to a batting cage if you don't play much baseball and haven't been in many years? And, unlike pool or mini golf, you can make yourself look quite silly there. Was this her idea?


@wilfbrim: I think maybe you skipped the OP's last paragraph.


Let her put her arms around you and help you swing.


@pitamuffin: I still don't get it. Why not pick something easy like mini golf. It's hard to suck really badly, it's cheap, and it's safe. Mess up at the batting cage and you could end up with a black eye and a few stitches, and it's very easy to overswing and hurt your shoulders, neck, or back. Or your date has to call 911 to take your unconscious body to the ED after taking a fast ball to the noggin.

It just seems to me (veteran of the dating wars) that the OP is temping fate. Kind of like taking her to a cheap Mexican restaurant, I mean, what could possibly go wrong...


@mkentosh: I was going to post that 11 hours ago, but the OP asked for "beyond general tips". S/he (sorry) has obviously been to one before.....


First, thanks to everyone for their advice.

Just an update if anyone cares: I went to practice at the cages today and took ~50 swings at different speeds. I fouled off at least 50% of the pitches that I made contact with and grounded out a lot. I started getting into a rhythm at the 55-60 mph range and went on a run with a couple of real solid hits.

I think we'll start off with the softball cages ala @first2summit then move to baseballs.

@thedogma: Interesting advice. It never occurred to me what order we would go.

@wilfbrim: I really didn't want to do mini-golf. I think it's overdone and frankly I don't find it fun because it isn't challenging. I generally dislike convention and figured hitting the cages was less cliched and more exciting. I also had the urge to go after watching the postseason. Knowing there is a chance for failure kind of makes it more exciting to me, you know?

@jsimace: He was making a joke. Quite a brilliant double entendre. A different kind of protection :)


@curtisuxor: We care! You gotta let us know how the date goes, please.