questionsstarting a home gym, need some help


First of all, congrats on making the switch to a home gym.

I would recommend this machine as it is versatile and surprisingly sturdy for the price.

I would recommend a punching bag as well. It's a good way to release all your negative energy and because striking requires a complex series of muscle contractions, you get functional muscle-building of multiple groups at the same time.


It depends on your long-term workout goals.

For example if you want to build significant muscle mass and learn to do olympic lifts with free weights, you would want to invest in a power rack, barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, etc.

If that is your route, do not settle for cheap stuff, since if you are planning to workout over the course of 5+ years consistently, you may find yourself regretting some purchases because you'll wind up spending a small fortune replacing equipment that breaks or wears out.

But also you don't have to break the bank to get quality equipment. If you do your research, and especially if you check out the used equipment market, you can usually find good deals.


@curtisuxor: Hey man, I really like that machine, looks like it's pretty space-economical too which is a big deal to me. Will definitely keep it in mind. I'd love a punching bag too, are there any good ones you'd recommend?

@hwoot1 I think the long term goal will be to work out for a few years, just focus on overall conditioning, don't really want a ton of bulk, just want to do yoga, p90x (already done it once), p90x2, pushups, situps, chinups, etc. I didn't even think about used equipment, that's a great idea! Is craigslist a good option? Or would you recommend something else?


@linuxtrance: There are different bag materials, different weights and different fills. I would recommend going to a local place (like Sports Chalet or the like) and trying them out. Leather bags will just last forever and canvas bags are resilient too, but I would recommend against vinyl.

For now, try to think about whether you have a support beam strong enough to suspend the bag, or if you need to buy a stand.

As for craigslist, I would only trust simple things like a bench press, dumbbells and the like; nothing mechanical that has wires and moving parts.


Craigslist is great for finding used weights. That tower (or something similar) is a great option if you're looking for some fun and to get better at body weight exercises. I would suggest also having a bar, some dumbbell handles, and some weights. They've been the tried and true since fitness/lifting was invented! Very versatile and last quite a while.

Dont worry about bulking up, for most people it is very difficult to do. It's all about the diet. If you eat to be thin, you're not going to gain mass.



Craigslist can be a good option, but I only recommend it if you know exactly what you're looking for and whatever you're looking for has good reviews and matches your workout goals.

There are some gems in Craigslist (a classic example would be someone who has a fully equipped, quality home gym, but they are moving to a new state in a few weeks so they are forced to sell everything ASAP)...

But Craigslist is also a graveyard of workout equipment that the original buyer now regrets having purchased in the first place (for example, someone's used "ab-rocket" chair and "Shake Weight" with accompanying video collection and workout poster).

I think Amazon is a good source for reviews on workout equipment, as well as any friends you may have who have some years experience with the same workout goals as you.

The key issue is to do your homework since your are essentially making an investment decision.


Try the "Insanity" workout, buy it on Craigslist. Folk buy it, don't use it, sell it. No equipment, just exercise. If you can't commit to a 60 day program, don't fill your place with stuff you won't use.
"We" bought the "Best Fitness BFMG20 Sportsmans Gym" a while ago. A New Years thing, friends and I were going to get healthy. Er. Work out, do some jogging, eat right, etc- support each other. Whilst we were figuring this out, our ladies figured that everything we were discussing meant that we weren't doing anything else, that maybe they wanted. So they made up their rules for when we'd get together. sigh We had the world's ugliest clothes hanger in our living room for the next five years.
Woot gets cheap exercise/muscle magazine subscriptions. New routines and info will help keep you motivated.
Fix your lousy diet! Eat only real food- meat and vegetables. It'll be much cheaper and waay better for you.
You won't look like the Hulk, but you might stop looking like the Grinch.


try You wouldn't be able to find better prices for brand name products.