questionswhat to do if deals are regularly posted by…


I usually say something directly, and try to include a link to a jumbo woot comment, to that effect. Sorry, I am not finding one right now, to give you. If that does not work then I invoke the above, directly in my comment. There have been a spate of these lately, thanks for helping clean up.


@sadsephiroth: No, there was a question, months ago that I had bookmarked, on my old computer. The benefit of that one, was that staff themselves, had spoken regarding Woot's position on the matter. So it was a more ironclad response to spammers. Less the townsfolk muttering, and more the sheriff, clarifying the law.


I really could care less who is telling me about a deal, employee or not. If it is a deal, I am a happy camper... and it seems to me maybe an employee might know the best codes and discounts...


What about people like crapple that don't post anything, joined about a month ago, and only complain about posts from specific companies (i.e. ocheri thought they've made one comment against spicylegs).

Makes you wonder if it's a competitor looking to drive business down.


I created a separate account to post deals from the company I work for. It's not technically my job but I wanted to share what I think are legitimately good deals from the company.

I made the new account's username the same as the company's name so it's pretty clear who it's from. Alas, I've been too lazy to maintain two accounts and also I worry about people being irked by things like that, however I am going to try to at least post something under that account whenever we have a sale.


@tarasadies: There's a specific (albeit probably unwritten) policy that deals posted on behalf of a company should be posted under a name that clearly associates the poster with the company.

There's an ethical issue involved here: the assumption is that a deal posted by a wooter has some personal validity attached, whereas a deal posted by an unnamed company employee is essentially masquerading as a wooter-generated poster. One is a an "Aha!" while the other is advertising.

As I said initially, I don't care that the deal is posted; my concern is that I want to know who vouches for it and that it meets's guidelines.


@thewronggrape: As far as I understand, you're doing it exactly as you're supposed to do. I don't think most of the wooter get irked by vendor's posts; instead, I think they like the honesty.


@pickypickypicky: I remember something like that also, and I thought I'd bookmarked it but I can't find it. I'll try tattling one by one as I see the posters posting, as it were.


@magic cave: Maybe you bookmarked it on my old computer too? : D I just spent about an hour trying to do a search for it, here, and I can't find the magic combination of keywords. I'll certainly post back here, if I find it, I want it again too. When you tattle, be sure to tell the mods you think the OP is a company rep. I also find that I get a better response on weekdays.

@thewronggrape: No, don't worry, you are doing it perfectly. Woot just wants transparency, and real deals to be posted. Not some peon toiling over the keyboard, posting the entire store stock, that aren't deals. Unless it is wootbot, but that is "our" peon. The few times the system broke down, this site was an unholy mess of fake designer purses, and bootlegged movies.


@pickypickypicky: Maybe we can call em up?

@thunderthighs @snapster @jumbowoot Mind giving a quick clarification on the rules about people posting for a company they work for so others can be directed to it in the future?


@panthiest: Oh, no, now they will know how I feel about wootbot, what have you done?


@pickypickypicky: Don't forget the hair extensions. Those were my favorites.

I personally don't care who posts what. The community is pretty good at ripping apart companies that try to scam us coughdollardealsclubcough

Always glad to see people following the rules, though.


@okham: Oooh, all the pretty colors. Like this:
Nods a thanks to @thumperchick .

I don't care who posts deals either. I don't even mind when someone posts a nebulous "deal". I do mind when someone posts reams of non-deals, for profit, and doesn't think we are smart enough to figure it out. I relish getting rid of those.

BTW, I am so glad that you aren't ambivalent about the other, more popular, pork breakfast product. I can only imagine if you had called yourself okbacon, oh, the humanity.


@pickypickypicky: Nope, bacon and sausage are way more than ok.