questionsdo you feel like you were lied to about collage?


Having gone to college myself and having a job, I feel that a lot of the stress you are feeling is from the current economy. Jobs in your field of study, unfortunately, may be in less of a demand in your area. You may want to look outside your area or possibly into a related field.


I will not point out the obvious.


@meh3884: I, as a libarian am dying to point it out!!lol


:-/ Deleted my answer - it was the 1st. Did suggest an OP tattle might be in order. I think English is a 2nd language here. Spell-check does work, though. Yes?


Going to college was probably the best and most productive thing I have ever done. But, I chose a major that a lot of people wouldn't like but it in high demand (accounting). And, you can't get very far in accounting without a degree. Maybe going back for a different degree would help?


Can I ask where you went to college?


@gmwhit: Spell check does work but as that word does exist, the spellchecker would not have found fault with it.


Coming from a family of English teachers... my brain hurts after reading that.


My tongue hurts from biting it.


For me, college was required to get a job in my field. And it was well worth it. However, my feelings are influenced in that I was very fortunate and graduated without debt thanks.

I do think that taking out some college debt is not a bad thing, provided your college degree has a good chance of helping you get a job in that field once you graduate. Nursing, teaching, accounting, engineering, etc all fall into that category. English, art history, business, hard sciences (unless you're planning on going to grad school) etc often don't. And, in my mind, may not be worth taking on the debt.

I think our society does a real disservice to the skilled trades. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers, mechanics and similar occupations are incredibly needed and should not be looked down upon just because they're "blue collar". There are people who are gifted with the talents needed for those careers and they should be encouraged to pursue them. Not everyone needs to go to college.


I do not think keeping this from the OP is a good thing so:
I do not have any experience with collage or college. My wife does have experience with collage and college. Most employers are not impressed with collage.


I also spell poorly and perhaps this will be the boost you need.


@caffeine_dude: I counted at least seven fairly major errors in either spelling/word choice or syntax that resulted in difficulty understanding the OP. Yes, the OP mixed up "college" (university) and "collage" (art made from assembling parts from different sources into a whole), but at least I understood that mix-up immediately.


Eye think that collage can bee a good investment. Ewe may not think sew but that is just you're opinion. Weather you get a higher celery or not can knot be guaranteed. Like all investments you half two consider the return. A $200000 investment in a Literature degree from MIT may not pay off as well as $20000 at DeVry.

On the other hand, if you don't take advantage while you are there and come out seeming like you had never gone, no amount of money is a wise investment.


This is not meant as an attack on the OP, not trying to be rude. But it could be that you're having trouble finding and keeping a good job because your spelling and grammatical mistakes reflect poorly on you and your education. If I was in HR or a manager looking to hire someone, and your resume or job application contained errors like your question does, I wouldn't hire you. The jobs you've been laid off from, did they involve any amount of writing? What field did you get your degree in, and what fields have your jobs been in?

It's easy to say here, oh, it's just the internet, spelling doesn't matter. But in a professional workplace? It definitely does.


@philosopherott: After reading your other questions, I have come to the conclusion that this question, is a brilliant way to make all of us have an internal seizure. You sir, won. My eye twitched.

@scmtim: That is a perfect example of how overly complicated and confusing our language is.


Perhaps photography would be a better field for you.


As sumbuddy who werks in a posishun that looks at peeple applying for jobs, and helps to deside if they wood be a good match for our project, I do want to point out that when we see a resume/applicashun that looks like this, it goes, not in the shredder as you might expect, but in a very special file. Not only will you never work on our project, you will never work for our company. In any capacity.


I have no experience in collage so I can't help you there. But College is amazing and giving me a considerable pay raise at work.

Do they do spelling bees like in the 3rd grade? Then again, Hooked on Phonics worked for me!


@benyust2: I'm just curious (not being snarky I swear), how do you feel about an Accounting degree as so much of accounting is going online? Yes, there will likely always be a place in big corporations for someone to figure out where to trim fat but being an accountant during this revolution in submitting your taxes online should be a little worrisome, no?

@meh3884: Wel dun sir. Wel dun.