questionshave you ever seen usps just sit on a packageā€¦


What shipping speed did you choose? Was it media mail, first class, parcel post, priority, etc? Each of these have different speeds.

Also, was it UPS Mail Innovations or FedEx SmartPost? If either of those, the package will be last priority.


Yeah, it was SmartPost. Like I said, shipping time isn't really an issue for me, I'm just a little confused about the status.

I called the post office and they say the package isn't there, despite the tracking confirmation saying it's been there for days now.

My biggest concern is that it's somehow gotten lost and I'll have to deal with a bunch of people pointing fingers at each other before anyone bothers to fix the issue.


Not directly. UPS however, will sit on it. I saw one of my packages sitting in my city from the taking number. I called and the lady told me that I would get it t he next day because it was on three day, not 2 day.


I actually have had this happen with SmartPost on a few occasions. FedEx will confirm it has arrived at the USPS facility but my package won't arrive for 3 days or so. I'm pretty sure those packages have lower priority at first because they're estimated ship time is up to 7 business days. They may even have a separate sort facility, not sure.

If it has been over 7 business days (don't include Sat, since FedEx doesn't operate on Sat) give their customer service a call at 1-800-463-3339 and try and find out more information that way. Good luck!


I have seen my package status be set to Out for Delivery, and not come until the next day (no other mail came that day either). USPS wouldn't let me pick it up until they attempted to deliver it first.


Yes, but I have seen it with UPS and FedEx as well.

One package I got was shipped overnight saver by FedEx Friday morning so it technically should have arrived at my house on Saturday. Well, it arrived at the local FedEx sorting facility Saturday morning but FedEx wants you to pay extra for Saturday delivery and I didn't, so they delivered it the next week. Monday was actually a holiday, too, so I got my package Tuesday afternoon...

I have also seen UPS ground do something similar, where the package arrives on the first or second day but they hold off delivering it.

They do it so that people actually pay the price premium for premium services. If they delivered UPS ground in just 1 day, why would people bother with UPS overnight?


@lichme: I've had very similar suspicious days with no mail myself. I've always suspected the mail carrier took a secret day off and planned to catch up the next day.


@purplefeather: Had this happen a couple weeks ago. A couple packages were marked as "delivered". I called the post office. They promised to investigate and 'get back to me'. I knew this was runaround from the minute the guy started going BUT IT SAYS DELIVERED ON TRACKING.

Immediately contacted the shippers, explained what happened and got refunds on both packages. Neither item was in stock when I attempted to get a replacement. One of them was the Leakfrogs, so you can imagine the sad face here. I'm still bitter. I waited a long time for Leakfrogs to return.

The post office never did call me back, despite me leaving a follow up message. I'm pretty sure they're still in the post office, sitting in a corner somewhere and will be eventually sent back to the shipper because the recipient "didn't come pick them up".

USPS is horrible, very often. That said? My UPS and FedEx people rock.


I shipped something Priority and it went out for delivery and never got delivered, nor did the status change. It (to this day) tells me status not updated. Is there any reason to wonder why the USPS is on it's way out the door (literally and figuratively)?


Makes you wonder if it fell of a cart and is collecting dust in some corner of the post office!

Have you ever had an item that arrived at your door, and a day later you get an email with tracking info?


@tcayer: That's exactly what happened here. The box finally arrived, and then I get an email later that night saying that my package has arrived at the local sorting center. I'm like, "Really? You think?"

But sadly I'm going to have to return the battery. It was advertised as a legit Sony battery and when I opened it up I found out that it's a suspicious 3rd party POS that doesn't even work with my laptop unless I install possibly motherboard-frying software to override Sony's programming.

No thanks. It was cheap, but I get the feeling that Sony's batteries carry less risk.


Ok usps is definitely weird about the shipping overnight packages. Spent 20 bucks to overnight at 330pm they said it will take two days due to the mail has already left for the day. Get here before 12:00p and we will guarantee overnight shipment. Ok I'll do it anyways. So, it left Ohio at 330p on July 9th and said delivered July 10th at 11:30 am. Ok there is no way u delivered my package a day and 4 hrs early. Tracking says delivered but it is not here.. And before u say well check the neighbors or it got stollen I have a mailbox that locks with a key so no one can take it. I overnight prob about 20 of these packages and always got them when the mail ran regularly at 4pm. I also stopped at the mailbox while the mail woman put mail in my box BTW she's hot and no package. I went inside and tracked it to make sure it was scheduled for the 11th like it should be but it says it's already delivered. Anyways got my package 11th and I guess they marked it early for some reason


Yes I have just this month sort of, it more like the usps is playing musical states with my shipment. i ordered a mac pro from a seller on amazon and it is the older model very big and heavy about 45 pounds. and it was shipped on the 4th arrived in Denver on the 8th which is about a 2 hour drive from here, then it was send to Des Moines Iowa sat there 4 days, now it is being sent back to Des Moines Iowa today. Probably to sit there another 4 days, then what? I will be filing a claim for a refund soon I am tired of waiting on this. Since it is almost beyond the time allotted by amazon for it to arrive.