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Because of this issue, I gave you +1 pity upvote :)


It's a glitch that occurs sometimes.


It seems to have fixed itself, I'm no longer able to downvote myself, or upvote myself. Not sure if my +1 was automatically entered it. So thanks @cengland0!


@cengland0: i chipped in on the upvotes too. Free stuff for active duty military is always worthy of my vote. Although I do my taxes free at Taxact online, and I expect most military families would also qualify for them.


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All told.


I've had this happen myself a couple times. Killing my browser always makes the problem go away so I assume that it's on my end and not on Woot's.


@moondrake: We can get our taxes done at the base legal office for free. I'm not sure why anyone in the military would pay to get their taxes done since it's a heavily promoted and advertised program.


@zuiquan: I figured ya'll probably had a fair number of resources available. I use Taxact because it takes me about 15 minutes, and I usually get my refund within two weeks. Unfortunately this year the IRS sent me an email saying that because I claimed a credit for putting energy efficient windows in my house there would be a delay of about a month on my refund.


@zuiquan: The taxes at the legal office are fine for folks who live on base, and who's only life is being in the military. For folks who own a house of post, have children in school, have a spouse who works/is in school, etc, etc, might miss some tax breaks that the legal office isn't as familiar with.

Also if you claim residence in a state other than where you are stationed, you can use this to help out with your state return(s).

And not to mention this is still available for those who retired or were REFRAD this year, as well as National Guard and Reserve members who do not have these free services available to them.


@eraten: Actually you use commercial software just like you would anywhere else except it's free. They don't prepare your taxes, you do it yourself. The volunteers are available to you if you have questions or issues with your returns or to get you in contact with someone who actually knows the laws if they're not familiar with a particular situation. You're always able to file state taxes for both yourself and your spouse even though they're in different states *as a spouse your state is where you're stationed, as active duty it's your state of residence. Nobody is filling out a form by hand like it's 1982. It's also good for everyone in the military.