questionsfirefox can't establish a connection to the…


Something on your computer is blocking Firefox's access to that server. The something is probably an ad blocker. is one of the largest web advertising services on the planet and it is pretty much not possible to surf the web without some interaction with them.

There are numerous ways to block access to undesired web sites and some are more intrusive than others. I just used my computer's hosts file to block access to and was able to use the I Want One button on the main woot site, so it is likely that your ad blocker is using one of the more intrusive methods. (However, there are so many names out there, I'd need to know which I Want One button gave you trouble for this to be a more meaningful test and even then it isn't completely valid.)


Look at the address bar.
After the doubleclick crap, you'll see another "www. " and the thing you really want.
Highlight everything before this, delete, and "Enter".
You should be able to get where you wanted to go.
This works for most of the other redirectors woot uses, also.


@jsimsace: It happens with all of my browsers.


@baqui63: Thanks. I don't know how to access the hosts file. I run Win 7. Today I have other internet connection problems so I have to fix that first.