questionsdoes anyone have any "unusual" plans for a super…


We have our traditional Super Bowl Poker Tourney before the game.


As I was scanning through all the questions trying to catch up on everything I've missed, I thought your question was "Does anyone have any unusual pants for a super bowl party?"


You meant the PuppyBowl, didn't you? :)

My plans are mundane: large TV, comrades, football, commercials, lip-synced halftime show, lots of chili con queso, chips, guacamole, beer, cola, coffee. Possibly pizza. Simultaneous gaming by some, simultaneous fb or browsing by many. A good day for junk food and friends.


I'm having friends over to play games with the game on in the background. None of us really care about football and we'll watch the cool commercials on youtube the next day. But, in case something spectacular or unexpected happens, we have the game on so that we can be a part of conversations about at work the next morning.