questionshow do you like the mobile version of deals.woot…


Still can't vote on comments or use any of the reply/edit links, and still no luck on the "add this deal" link for me on an iPad running iOS 5.1.1. But I've feed backed it, so I've got my fingers crossed.


I actually was able to do everything before, but now I can't vote on comments or answers. I can still vote on the deals and questions themselves though. Also scrolling seems to be less smoothe than it used to be on all of the woot sites. I have an iPhone 4s running iOS 5.1.1.


So, before the change- you guys (iOS users) had functionality and DROID users didn't. Now it's flipped? Does that sound accurate?


@thumperchick: that seems to be accurate. I had to switch over to my macbook, so I could vote on comments and reply.

It's finally happening. The android overlords are taking over! My feline fruit OS is no longer working!


I don't have a mobile device, so I so not have this problem. I think I am the only person on the planet who does not.


@okham: There should be a way to make the site friendly to both platforms... ?


It is definitely not as iPad friendly as the old site. It is annoying in a lot of small ways, from comments locking up to inability to upvote.


I've found that pages are loading very, very slowly over 3G. I'm not sure if that's a server issue (wouldn't be surprised if the servers are being pounded today) or a function of the new format. FWIW, I haven't been experiencing atypical delays on other websites.


@thumperchick: That sounds right to me. I never had a problem with the site using my iPhone until now.


I usually cruise deals.woot on my iPad while watching tv.

Now that the site doesn't work that well with my iPad, I'm probably going to be less active.

I'm going to hold off on my final judgement on the changes, but right now, my current opinion is that I don't like these changes at all.