questionsanother site enhancement. did you notice?


Actually, it's not on all sites yet. It's not on Tech, Tools & Garden, or Kids.

So for today's items, it's on woot, accessories & watches, home, sport, shirt, wine, and sellout


I discovered it last night by accident when looking at an item. I had to think about it, wondering when it started, but I didn't do any research. It's a nice touch.


It's been there for a couple weeks. It's on all sites but requires a high-quality image. Some of our vendor-supplied images aren't high res so zoom won't work.

We've had comments from people using it that are pretty hilarious. On Accessories, the vendor told us that the watches were water resistant to 50M but if you zoomed in, you could just barely see WR 100M on the back of one of the watches. We updated the specs.



@thunderthighs: In the beginning, Woot used to take their own pictures. You're using stock photos now?


@cengland0: We do both. If we can get samples, we prefer to shoot our own photos. For some items, it's just not feasible - lots of our furniture, for example.


I've been waiting for this for ages on shirt.woot. Now I can finally see the design better. I'd still like to see it bigger, like they used to do. I'm sure there's a need to keep it small so that the art isn't stolen, but it's not big enough, according to me.