questionsshould i do a weekly free indie game post…


I say go for it. PC games aren't really my thing since I've gotten used to a controller over the years, but I still found Mari0 to be entertaining (even though I sucked majorly at it). If you find a bunch of indie games that you think we'd like on here, then post them. The votes will tell you if the masses like the game or not.


Yeah you should. like @captainsuperdawg said MariO was very entertaining. And there are many indie games out there that are a lot of fun. But I only find them when a new Humble Indie Bundle comes out so it might be helpful to find others to play inbetween the bundle releases


Yes, you should.

As an indie game developer, I know how hard it is to gain popularity when theres literally next to no exposure. Giving away a free game to a large audience is guaranteed to get people to try it, which is a really nice thing to do for the developers.

Perhaps post a small review or rating aswell? I can imagine if someone played a game that absolutely sucked, they may avoid your future posts (which is bad for everyone)

Just my two cents.


@moosev2: I will only post about games I have played and enjoyed. A review would be something more along the lines of something on a different website. So there is a process behind the games I would pick.



The site does a pretty good job sniffing out indie/free titles, although it is more biased toward casual browser gaming than downloads.