questionswhy all the straightrazor hate?


Have you never seen a movie where a mafia don meets his demise at the hands of a hit-man barber? Ouch!! Not a pleasant picture! ;-<


The only time I really see it is when that one guy comes along selling those "fancy Japanese" ones or something and they're apparently much lower quality or overpriced than he tries to sell them for. I don't know much more than that because I've never used one or really been motivated to get one.

I think there are just a lot of people who have become "experts" on straight razors and are really in to bashing mediocre products.


I have involuntary muscle spasms in my face and shaky hands from a caffeine addiction, not the best combination for using a straight razor.


The hate is not directed at straight razors, the hate is directed at people who run shady businesses. The 29.99 straight razor is mean trick to play on people who don't know any better.

This thread talks about it in great detail.

It comes around every couple of weeks and there is always drama with it. is a great place to go if you are thinking about getting into using a straight razor.


A lot of people who shave with a straight razor are very passionate about it. They want to share their passion with others and help others learn to love straight razor shaving.

Shaving with a straight looks scary, and most new straight shavers think about it a long time before taking the plunge. So, the last thing you want is for a new straight shaver to have a bad/painful experience, get frustrated, and go back to their Gillette.

A poor quality razor (one that doesn't hold a proper edge) is a surefire way to do just that. They can be painful and frustrating to use. The problem is, when you are a new shaver you will likely blame yourself and not think the problem is your razor.

When Luke first started offering his razors, there were some pretty bad reviews on some well respected straight shaving forums.

Soon people who were knowledgeable about straight shaving started down-voting based on the reviews (and some based on personal experience.) It has just snowballed ever since.


I wanted to add, I do use a straight, but I've never user any of his razors.

I am skeptical of the quality because on the low price, but I could be wrong. I will not tell you they are bad (or good) because I would only be speculating and I don't feel its right to bash (or praise) a product I've never used.

Luke seems like a stand up guy, so at some point I may give into my curiosity and give his product a try.


Dunno? I up voted. My husband was even considering buying one but like others said, I think he got scared, lol!


People badmouth him because he sells inexpensive razors. However, he sells higher end goods at competitive prices.

He's got excellent customer service though. If you watched the comments in today's deal, he gave away a half dozen razors, to help prove to people that they're not as bad as the elitists make them out to be.

A friend ordered a $80 Dovo razor from him that got lost in the mail. To make up for it, Luke overnighted him a $150 Dovo to fix things. He does business in a way that few people are willing to anymore.

I dropped $15 to see how terrible his inexpensive blades are. I fully shaved with it 3 times before it started to lose it's edge and needed to be stropped. That's the same thing you're going to see in much more expensive blades.

I won't buy razors or supplies from anywhere else now. I'm in no way affiliated with the company, other than being a very happy customer.


@matt1976: This is saying nothing against you or your friend, it sure seems that product getting 'lost in the mail' sure seems to happen a lot to Luke and his websites. He might need to take a visit to his mail mans house to see if he's got boxes and boxes of Buckingham razors in his basement.


@Group it is from people like @stupimlico who promote forums owned and run by people who also sell razors. They are bent on destroying the competition rather than competing.

It is sad and shallow. However sales are great and all the attention is great good or bad... Reality is people don't want to spend $200 to try straight shaving and our $29 deals are a great way to get a good product and find out for yourself if you really want to invest more...



@stupimlico: Not sure what your trying to imply... The reality is the last quarter of 2011 we shipped thousands of razors and the WORST offender was the USPS. They had weeks where they lost 4 out of 100 packages! That is pretty terrible. Some have since been delivered (many weeks late).

Anyhow that is why we always put tracking on all Woot deals and encourage the .99 & 1.99 insurance options. The goal it so make sure you get your product fast, safe and sound. We had additional troubles using the WOOT way of shipping with FedEx smartpost.... They are dreadfully slow and when the lose a product FedEx blames the USPS and the USPS blames FedEx.... So we are now avoiding that service.

Hope that helps.



@matt1976: Thanks for the words and review. Glad that we could help out on the blades. Have a great day and shave safe!



@rustybender: You have been following for sometime and I appreciate your questions you have posted before. Send me an email from the contact form on the site and I will send you out a few to try and report back on. They are great blades and I shave with them daily...



@rustybender: Additionally I think it has also become very clear to the woot community that these forums are biased and ran buy shop owners. My forum account was deleted for posting pictures of my restorations after the forum members started falling in love with the work we do...

The powers that be are not into competition that does not obey them. I have a ton of examples and have got to know a few other ecommerce owners that sell razors that have had the same problems with the "forums".

Reality is my lower priced blades have brought thousands of people into wet shaving. I have tons of returning customers buying more inexpensive blades for friends and families and upgrading to DOVO. Additionally the snowballing effect that I see is a continued rise in sales from returning customers. That would not happen if my product and service was questionable.

Is my GB Buckingham & Sons line the best? No is it good Yes. They are a great value now you can see as well =D