questionslocal deals.woot! why doesn't this exist?


There was a for a while. It wasn't really used, didn't really go anywhere and, apparently has died. Would have been neat if it had worked, at least for larger metropolitan areas. Maybe it will be tried again at some point.


You can view the obiturary for it at


My opinion: They started it up in oversaturated markets where there were already a huge number of other choices for people to use and no one used it. Common business mistake. I think it might have succeeded if they'd looked for underserved markets.


When local.woot first appeared, I perused it daily and found......nothing worthwhile. I switched to weekly checks and found......nothing. I tried the competition and found.....nothing. A local business (pizza joint) I liked had a terrible experience with GroupOn coupons that they were forced to honor at a severe loss. I know businesses want exposure, but there has to be a better way. At least Woot was smart enough to know they had a loser on their hands and killed it. Maybe there is hope for Woot after all.


@danpalm: When I go there to take a look at it I see server error?


@jenniferbreuer4: Try copy and pasting it into the URL bar. If it doesn't work, it's fine, it just says

Not a farewell, just a forced redirect.

It's true, Local.Woot is no longer, but please don't despair.
Never-ending savings are still to be found on Deals.Woot each and every day, so come on in. Don't think of it as a time for tears. Think of it as a way to bring us all closer together under one roof.


@jamesbottomtooth: No, it was like deals.woot but with local deals


Local.Woot? Nope nope nope.