questionswhy is troll voting allowed to continue?


if it's a "top deal" as you state, it'll get plenty of upvotes.

Also, those downvoters MUST vote something up in the last 24 hours to earn a downvote. You can't vote down more than you vote up.


@kamikazeken: It is clearly one person or group of people doing it. They managed to knock down a fresh deal I had listed from 24 votes to 14, moving it from middle of the front page all the way back to the middle of the second page. You can sit there and watch it happen to multiple deals at a time, they also up vote the same deal 10 times in a row, rocketing it to the top, making it popular. Maybe I care too much, but stupid people annoy the #$@^ outta me.


@lichme: By making a comment about "stupid people", aren't you becoming a troll yourself?

Deals rise and fall based on the community. What deals do you see as "top deals" that are down voted?


@mtm2: I added that stupid people comment afterwards, and probably shouldn't have (forum rage). I sat and watched my BOGO deal go from 0 downvotes to 10 (now back on the front page). The same with the floss on the front page, and another deal I had today that is now sold out. All of the downvotes came in at the same time. When it happens, it always happens in groups of 5.


maybe someone got upset about your totally incorrect post about a free bloomin onion, and took their onion-fueled rage out on your other deals.


@kamikazeken: Nah, this has been going on for months. I have made comments on individual deals before when it has happened.


@lichme: making comments about it only encourages more people to poke you with a stick. Don't feed the trolls.


@lichme: So you believe either a group of people sit by their computer and say "hey, lichme just posted, let's pounce!" or one person has 5 personas and uses them to combat anything you've posted?

While I like the X-Files, I'm not a big conspiracy guy. Perhaps a little relaxation time or something is in order.

There is NOTHING that happens on this website worth getting upset over, with the exception of missing out of a BOC.

I've had deals that got trashed that I don't think should have, and deals I've been very surprised at how well they did.

I have learned - don't take it personal. It helps keep the stress level down.


@lichme: Funny you mention this. I noticed this today as well on my Office Space Blu-Ray deal. It was at 38 votes, with no downvotes, and then a minute later, had exactly 5 downvotes. I looked for the person doing it (I wish there was an easier way to see who downvotes the deals) but found no voters.

I noticed the same thing happened to the free floss deal, but it was 10 downvotes at once.

It's aggravating to say the least.

At least make it possible to see who downvoted the deal (even if only the OP can see it). @jumbowoot, eh?


@mtm2: No, not just deals that I have posted, popular deals in general. I have had 4 deals on the front page before, and have had 2 of them go up by 5, and 2 down by 5 at the same time (yes I sit there and watch it).

@capguncowboy: That is exactly what I am describing. Multiples of 5 within a minute. Like clockwork. Happens every day.


@capguncowboy: Disagree. I don't care if someone down votes and I really don't care why either.

This is all about opinions, and you know what they say about them.


@lichme: I wouldn't worry about it.

If someone has enough time to go looking for a deal and then vote it down 5 times, they must have nothing else to do.

I would suggest, and that's all this is, don't worry about it. If the deal is good, it'll ALWAYS recover. Calling someone out on it won't make anything better.


'Tis the nature of the beast.

The only way to thwart that kind of downvoting is to require someone adds a comment when something is downvoted to explain the reason why.

I still don't understand the reason for a downvote button. If it isn't a good deal, don't buy it. If it's a scam or faulty, tattle. Having only a +1 on a deal is just as bad as having -27.


@kamikazeken: Onion rage is clearly not to be underestimated. How stinky!


@capguncowboy: well it WAS dental floss, after all... All of us bleeding gum types don't take too kindly to memories of the dentist's stern look.


i've noticed that once a deal hits the Top tab (formerly Popular), it gets an explosion of activity. i can tell once a deal i post hits the first page of Top tab when i start getting crazy comments. when i go check, yup- it's on the first page. that's when i get the most comments, downvotes, upvotes, links posted, subject matter experts, and more. people that don't participate in anything else will suddenly come out of the woodwork for a first page Top deal

for some people that is all they see, the main deals.woot landing page. compare the amount of votes on sponsored deals, up or down, vs anything in fresh or page 2 and on of Top deals. Top deals slowly descending from page 1 don't count

then you have people who downvote right away when something just expired. sometimes they leave a courtesy expiration comment which is a double edged sword since others also start downvoting based on that
my 2 cents...


also, woot used to tweet the deals that hit Top or Popular. not sure if they still do that but that is one way you're exposed to people who aren't normally looking at anything but that page. if the deal doesn't fit into their very limited idea of a deal, they could downvote for that
for example, someone looking for only computer hardware type deals and there in their feed is a free sample for Kotex. how dare woot send them a tweet for Kotex, downvote!


The funny thing is when I post a deal on here I am not looking for it to get upvoted or get me more Rep. I usually am just trying to pass on the good deal for others to enjoy. I would advise you to just enjoy the deals that people post and try to understand that not everything that you post is a deal to others.


if you want to see trolling, try a site like Craigslist. You're just being a tad sensitive.


@lichme: I do agree with you that 5 downvotes at the same time is a bit strange.


@lichme: Why do you get to determine what actions are considered 'trolling'?


@iggz: lol.. I wondered when you would join this conversation. I would consider you our most expert "resident troll" here on deals.woot!

Every community needs at least one.

I for one appreciate the art of trolling if done so in a humorous/never been done before kinda way.

I've never considered down-voting trolling though. More the comments in the deal that are in a "troll fashion"


Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.


Sorry...I saw there was 4 downvotes for this I made it an even 5...It seemed appropriate to the question is the only reason....I like your deals.


Should I upvote 5 times or downvote 5 times? My multiple personality complex makes this difficult.