questionswhy is there no muppet show already?


IIRC they did try and bring the Muppet Show back a few years ago. It had lost some of its magic and just wasn't as good as the original.

Some memories are best left as memories.


I'm totally okay with not everything coming back to tv. The Muppets seem to work best as movies and youtube videos these days (just enough magic without embarassingly trying too hard).


Agree with the others that it works only because of the nostalgia factor. I don't think it would do well in the ratings now. We showed some old Muppets episodes to our kids several years ago, thinking we were turning them on to some great viewing. Sadly, they didn't like it.


Show wouldn't last, unfortunately.

Sad to hear that Jason Segel won't be doing Muppets 2. Hearing Ricky Gervais is wanting to do the next one.


I would like to see it come back if it were done RIGHT! Get the big stars to come on again. I don't want to see Justin Bieber sing with Miss Piggy. There are some new fantastic Muppet's (Pepe being one) that would do great on TV today. They just would have to do it right and get BIG stars like they used to. Then I would watch.

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@pitamuffin Huh, they really didn't go for it? I guess we got lucky. The older kiddo loves the Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Thundercats, and a bunch of other nostalgia-inducing favorites. Once the baby is old enough for such things, he'll get to help pick what to introduce her to first.

I doubt we'd have the time to help the ratings of a new Muppet Show, but I'd be all for them making a deal with Netflix or Amazon streaming to put up full length episodes for a small fee.


@wickedd365: What?! No Segel?! [::tableflip::] I'm out!


Well, the guy who does Elmo is looking for work...


@tcayer: Nice.. I see what you did there...


They don't seem to make "family" shows anymore. Every age group has their own set of targeted shows and every family member has a TV in their room. I don't think TV producers have the expectation that there are enough families who sit down and watch together to justify a show for that target audience.


There is, it's called Sesame Street. ;)


But that is a daytime educational program. And I doubt many parents actually sit and watch it with their kids. The Muppet Show was an evening variety show with no educational intent designed for a family audience.


I'd enjoy another Muppet Show. The last time they tried, though, was a show in the mid-90s called Muppets Tonight and it was a legendary flop. It had pretty big-name stars for the time too like Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford and Prince.

I'd personally say that since Muppets Tonight failed more than 15 years ago and the recent movie was a hit, it's time to give it another try. Then again, I can see why producers would be skittish putting up millions on something that risky.


Hell, I'd be happy if they finally released the last two seasons of the original Muppet Show on DVD.


@starblind: If a new Muppet Show is done on tv, I would hope that the producers would try to replicate the original. That formula and format worked perfectly. A variety show with just enough camp and plenty of originality in the scripts and sketches. Add in stars who don't mind letting loose and having a grand old time mugging for the camera and doing goofy, campy bits while being surrounded by Muppet performers who will, in all likelihood, upstage them at every turn.

Let us see Gonzo perform outrageous stunts that fail badly, but humerously. Fozzie Bear delivering groaners of old jokes and then try to match wits with the Statler and Waldorf. Miss Piggy throw a few karate chops around for good measure. Kermit and the gang singing. And most of all I want to see plenty of Pigs In Space and The Swedish Chef. And through it all let us watch as poor Kermit, never having sought to be leader of the group always suffer through managing each show, but always pulling it off brilliantly.


The original muppet show had a good run right up until the end. Henson cancelled it as he wanted to invest more time into larger projects (movies) without having to do a weekly show.

They tried to bring it back in the mid 90's with "Muppets Tonight", and it didn't go over well. Many, including myself, were turned off to find an entirely different show with pretty much an entirely different cast. In retrospect, I go back and watch those shows and they were still funny as heck. I think they would have done better to slowly introduce the new characters and let them take over, but what's done is done.

"The Muppets" movie kind of parodied itself about why the show wouldn't work today. And much of it is true, sadly enough. Times have changed...


@scmtim: They do - reality TV contest shows (i.e. America's Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice, etc). Whether you like them or not, they are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.


@thetexastwister: I think that formula, with the celebs mugging for the camera, worked in a time when we didn't have ready access to all our celebrities. We only saw the actors/musicians in their natural element at proscribed times - in his new movie, on her weekly drama show, in concert, etc. There was still an air of mystery around celebrities so that we could say, "Wow. I can't believe Mark Hamill was on Pigs in Space" or "Can you imagine Steve Martin played banjo with the Muppet band".

Today, if we want to see celebrities acting goofy we don't have to go any further than We can hear their every thought on Twitter - be it profound or inane.

No - I don't think The Muppet Show would work in today's always-connected-no-privacy-paparatzi age.