questionsanyone have any cute animal stories to share?


The Intern likes to growl at strangers and the hallway when there is excessive noise.

... mind you, The Intern is a cat, not a dog.


Not sure if this is cute so much as, "seriously, what is wrong with you, cat?", but I will share it anyway. One of our cats has a serious obsession with any water that is not in his water dish. Big fan of drinking from the toilet (using the dip the paw in and classily lick it off method), but his favorite is the shower. Whenever either of the adults in our house takes a shower, the cat waits for us to finish, then immediately jumps in and begins licking up the remaining water.

Altogether now, "ewwwww."

The other night one of our sons took a shower (in a different bathroom), and the cat heard the pipes, raced up to our bathroom, jumped into the bathtub, looked around, then turned and glared at me, as though somehow this whole blatant misrepresentation were my fault.


@inkycatz: Growling cat! Video, please!

I was a part of the sock story thread yesterday (my Shih Tzu secretly collects them). Inky has inspired me to share a cat story.

Camry, who was named by Wootizen poll (, orders items online. She waits until I am logged in to Woot and walks across my keyboard, somehow stepping on just the right keys to finalize an order before I can stop her. Seriously. Twice now!

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)


@belyndag: Ha! I'll try. I had to stop taking pictures of the day because she kept attacking me (and the camera). Video's gonna be difficult, but I will safety up with layers and see what I can do.


I have an old cattle dog (9 yr old Australian Kelpie), who howls at fire engines, and has a very talky kind of voice, she likes to vocalize, a lot, much to the neighbors dismay.
We recently got a new used dog (aka pound puppy) who is along the lines of a puggle mixed with chihuahua (he's actually an awesome dog and has NO little man syndrome), and luckily, he has a very raspy/quiet/deep voice for being a little guy.
Now, the cute part.
He now mimics his big sister, so he trys to sing with the fire engines and his big sis, but his little voice and severe under bite limit his vocal range, it's awesome.

Unfortunately, the neighbors don't find it quite as awesome.... :)


My dog, who's a lightweight at 105 pounds ...

- Squirrel = squirrel.
- Cats = squirrel.
- Small dogs = squirrel.
- RC cars = squirrel.
- Kid in a Power Wheel = BIG SQUIRREL!

She also has a penchant for leaving her drool on @ramyb shirts. In the past week, I've worn shirts by @dooomcat, @fishbiscuit5, @dooomcat, @walmazan, @tjost, and @dooomcat - and all emerged dry. Yesterday, I wore Two Fish Who Are Red And Blue ... and it didn't even take a minute after walking in the door before she slobbered on it.

Several months back, it was "awww, girl!" ... nowadays, it's kinda funny because it like never fails to happen! As a precaution, I will NOT to pull up this week's side sale near her.


I just found this album this morning with some pretty cute interspecies love.


One of my kitties also will growl if she hears noise on the front porch. She knows the sound of my vehicle and will come greet me at the door meowing with her mother. If I am home and someone comes she growls low under her breath and goes on alert to see what is going on. If my husband is at the door she relaxes, someone else she runs and hides. Mom cat is the nosy one who will investigate a stranger.


not a cat or dog story but.... A few days ago I was watching the national geographic panda cam (Don't even ask me how I ended up there) and one of the pandas got stuck between the steps on a bamboo ladder. His legs were flailing in the air when another panda came by, grabbed his friend by the legs and yanked him out. It was the funniest thing. After he got pulled out, he then tackled his friend and played with him till they both got tired and decided to go grab a bite of bamboo.


@conanthelibrarian: that story just made me go "d'awwwww..." i love pandas :)


My cat Toysha (pronounced Tasha, like the first security chief on ST:TNG, don't ask, I don't know) would poke me on the elbow to get attention. Every night, before I went to sleep, she would crawl up on my chest then gently paw me on my chin or neck until she was petted and scratched sufficiently.

She did this pretty much every night I was home. She passed recently, at age 19. And I do miss her, every night.

This is her:


My 140lb Great Dane Simba thinks he can dress himself. Whenever I get out his harness to put on his seat belt for a long car ride, it's a wrestling match because, like any other four year old, he wants to do it himself using his mouth as an extra hand. He is such a big dog that dog things rarely fit him, so I mostly use human things. I took this video the fall before of me trying to get his sweatshirt on him because it was going to snow later that day.


@moondrake: Do people feel it is less "sissy" to dress a dog if it is a Great Dane? I have a yorkie and I feel it is pretty much required that I dress him. He doesn't mind but I bought most things when he was still growing and I thought he would stay small. He's 13 lbs and everyone asks me what he is because he is large for a yorkie.


@wilfbrim: That sounds cute! I'm sorry for your loss. She lived a long life though! Was she inside only?


@kfujita: @conanthelibrarian: I didn't know pandas helped each other/worked together! So cute!


@spikedknight: That sounds like it would make a fun video, too! I hope you don't have to dress up in protective gear like @inkycatz to get it though. My parents have huskies and the oldest male will "yell" at us. He looks right at us and takes a certain tone, you definitely know that you are not meeting his requirements. A common time that he yells at us is if you ask him to do tricks too many times without a "cookie" or you are giving someone else treats and he has to wait.
@inkycatz: I would recommend a tripod? Also, what does The Intern do when you try to take pictures? I'm not sure but the more I hear about The Intern the more I feel like you live with a little devil in cat clothes. Do you at least get snuggles sometimes?


@chellemonkey: Yes, except when she managed to escape to the back yard to eat grass (her favorite). She just died last month, and I still miss her a great deal. I finally moved into a real house, and she would have loved it here: lots of places to perch and look out the windows (her fav).


@chellemonkey: I don't know, except for a headless horseman Halloween appliance I don't dress Simba for appearances. I put a sweatshirt on him because I work 7am-6pm, and unless the weather is really bad I put him in his dog run with attached garage in the mornings. But here in the desert the weather can turn quickly (one April it dropped over 50 degrees while we were in the movie theater, it was 85 when we went in wearing shorts and pouring down snow when we came out). Danes don't have much fur and Simba will be shivering when my living room chills down to about 55, so I put the sweatshirt on him in case the weather turns while I am at work. I do have a proper custom made dog coat, made like a horse blanket. But it isn't as warm and has straps he can chew or tangle in. I take the sweatshirt off him once a week to wash it (when we go to do our Pet Therapy visit) and otherwise he wears it all winter. He does have a lot of custom made dress-up collars though.


@chellemonkey: Well, she swats at the camera. And then me. (It's a fast progression.)

I think her dealio is that she possibly wasn't socialized very well as a kitten so by the time I got her, she was kind of ingrained into STRANGE THING KILL mode. I don't know, she didn't come with very good notes.

However, in return I get a loyal cat who:
loves laptime
loves curling up by my feet even more
plays fetch with her toys
has finally started sleeping next to me at night (we've progressed from creepy end of the bed/across room stare)
is cute, so cute, so very cute
I also get to carry her around on my shoulder, because this is her favorite thing ever

It's only occasionally hazardous around here.


@moondrake: Oh, my! I've never seen anyone dress a horse before!

Seriously, what a big sweet baby he is! And he was, indeed, trying to dress himself! Love it!


I was eating dinner the other day whilst watching a new episode of "Chopped"- Before turning the channel, I took an inventory of my meal, which had every bit of steak fully accounted for. Just in case, I placed a second fork (My dog's one and only weakness) against the side of the plate just in case he got any ideas.

Then I turned the channel, got so engrossed in it that I never took my eyes of the television for ten minutes, and finally looked back down at my meal...

My dog stood nearby, looking as guilty as could be with steak sauce all over his chops, the fork on the ground, and about a forth of the steak devoured.

I still love him, though.


@moondrake: Very cute video. Simba is very should be proud. :)


My husband works from home, so our two cats think that his job is to entertain them all day. When he needs to concentrate, he will close he door to the office - but the house is old and the door is off kilter so it doesn't shut all the way very easily. He normally just pushes it closed and hopes they leave him alone. The other day, he knew that wasn't enough, so he put a huge pack (from BJ's) of tissue boxes in front of the door to hold it closed. That didn't stop them. He then moved the tower from another computer in the office and held the door with that. About 20 minutes later, he hears a thud and he sees that the two cats had teamed up and managed to push hard enough to move the tower and get the door open enough to get in. And then they resumed their favorite positions on his desk on top of his keyboard :)


@jsimsace: Thanks! He was actually acting out quite a lot in that video, he's usually perfect. At 5mos h was taken to Animal Control to be euthanized because he was "dangerous and uncontrollable". Instead I got to adopt him. He proved quite a handful, a strong-willed alpha male. We went to a couple of obedience classes a year for three years and practice every day. As a result, I can take him to animal-friendly events and he is a therapy dog for people with mental illness.

Here's a funny story. When Simba was about a year old, I had taken him out for a midnight potty break. I was standing on the porch waiting for him and it was quite cold, so I wrapped my scarf around my face. He came loping back onto the porch, took one look at me and tucked his tail and ran for his life. The expression on his face could be in the dictionary under dismay. I had to take off the scarf completely and coax him back in the house. It took him months to get over being scared of that scarf.


Cat Story - Many years ago, I had a black kitty named Onyx. Onyx would hear my truck pull up and jump on a dresser next to the front door to wait for me. then when I walked in, he would walk onto my shoulder and perch, like a parrot.

Dog Story - Loki, a 70lb husky/GSD mix, gets hyper moments (as adolescent puppies do) and when I call him, (to keep him from running full speed around my living room) he will come to me, duck his head, and somersault onto my foot. Then "swish" back and forth on his back in a shark-like motion while talking to me. He's a weirdo.

Thor, when in trouble, hides behind my legs - hiding from me. He's special.


I love seeing pictures of everyone's babies and the Simba video is hilarious. These are great stories -- thanks for sharing!

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Our cat Strider loves running water and he loves following people into the bathroom. When he was a kitten, he followed my husband in. Husband proceeded to pee in the toilet, like ya do, and Strider decided this would be a brilliant time to leap over the toilet bowl. He got hit with the stream of pee mid leap and fell straight into the toilet bowl. My husband quickly grabbed him and tossed him in the bathtub to wash him off. He then came downstairs with the cat soaking wet and wrapped in a bath towel, handed the bundle to me, and said "Here, dry him off."

He's never tried to jump over the toilet since.