questionsis there a website that notifies you when certain…


@caffeine_dude: /Thanks for the link. I'm going to register on this one. I think it's going to be close to what I'm looking for.


Wow, all these cool sites!
Here I was thinking just like them on FB or somesuch.

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vote-for5vote-against but I think that only works for HarperCollins.


Most publishers' web sites will let you sign up for "author alert" emails. I have a few set up at Tor (, Simon and Schuster (
Many authors have their own web sites and mailing lists as well. Some Googling should turn up the relevant sites.


I go to Goodreads when I want a link to share a book but it is very full of information; I find myself ignoring the email updates. But they do send them.


@xarous: It's probably just me, but I find Goodreads a difficult site to navigate through. There's a lot there that I don't want.


I'm signed up with Simon and Schuster and they alert me when new Stephen King books are available.

vote-for11vote-against lets you know of new releases each month, and if you set it in email preferences, it could include only authors you have read. They also inform you of books coming out in your favorite genre. It is a great site to keep track of what you have read and want to read.


I do not use it but let us know how it works.


I'd definitely be into such a service. Would love to know whenever Neil Gaiman or Chuck Palahniuk come out with something new.