questionsis woot the new wayfair?


It's getting a little out of control around here, you know, like Amazon proportions out of control.


Don't forget about Woot+! That really made it out of control...


I'm generally an indecisive person, so more choice actually makes it more difficult for me to be as interested as I once was in the upcoming deals. Not that there isn't cool stuff being sold here on the various Woot sites, just that instead of a deal a day, the site has blown up into multiple discounts a day.

Personal note: I still hope to buy my first laptop from woot, but I don't know if it will seem quite as unique as before.


@bluejester: Funny you say that - research shows that consumers have a "sweet spot" of roughly 3-7 choices. Any fewer feels like being forced into a product (evidence: Walmart's recent Project Impact that alienated bazillions of customers by reducing SKU count), and too many more becomes daunting. A psychologist named Sheena Iyengar did studies proving this -- a large plurality of consumers facing overwhelming choices (like 20 varieties of jam in a supermarket) tend to walk away empty-handed rather than sort through the product offering.