questionsdid you know that shirtpunch does not use theā€¦


You know, I never looked to see what they advertised to sell, but the shirts I've gotten from them have all been Gildan.


Never bought from them, but I detest sellers who offer A then ship B instead. Thanks for the heads-up! I am also interested in how that meeting went last week. You know where to find me. :)


@buzatron: Judging from the one shirt my GF bought, I'm doubting the ringspun part - it felt like carded open-end cotton to me.


@buzatron: Yes - they did update it since I originally posted. That's good. At least their new customers will know what they're buying.

Glad I got a screencap though. And, as of now, they still haven't responded to the email I sent them before I posted this question. But I know they got it...