questionshow to get your so into gaming?


I would go with something she can identify with. What about the newer Mario Brothers? or similar. They are fun, not as competitive and if she has played it in the past, she gets the general idea and already has experience.


Let her win. If you are always better than her at the game, she'll never want to play. Even if you're on the same team, she needs to feel like she is bringing something to the table and having her hand held the whole time. Don't play ahead of her and discover all the moves/secrets/tactics/etc by yourself.
I'm too competitive. I thought it was cool that she played Dr Mario back in the day. I had never owned Dr Mario, so she was better than me...for a week or two. Once I started stomping her and unlocking all the hidden characters on my own, she lost interest.
Later we tried to play Fable (II?) in co-op mode...I got too ambitious and started doing some side quests on my own. That was a mistake because she felt out of the loop.
The last game we played together was Kindom for Keflings, I think. That went ok. I just had to be patient and work with her instead of ahead of her.
First Person Shooters with her are never gonna happen.


I got my wife into AOE gold lan games.AND MOHAA. Lan is where it is at!
Guitar hero with drums and singing is good too for PS2. (Age of Empires and Medal of Honor Allied Assult.


My wife doesn't listen to me (especially when it comes to leisure)...Find one of her friends to get on your side and you'll have a much better chance of success.

I would think something like a Kinect game might be a good door opener.

Also, something with a good story might intrigue her. Unfortunately, I can't really think of any games that have a good story that are not very complex.


Puzzle games or other simple games like Plants vs. Zombies might be a good start.


Fable! You can get Fable 1 for the computer for really cheap and it should be able to play on older machines.

Although it is not multiplayer, it is a really fun entry game into RPGs. I bought Fable 2 for Xbox 360 a few weeks ago for $5 at a local Gamestop and it was definitely worth it (it is multiplayer by the way)!


Flash games are an easy starting point. Bloons Tower Defense really showed me she can play a game for a while. After that, it was Plants vs Zombies; she's STILL playing it just to collect all the plants for the Zen garden (missing one or two I believe). I was able to get her to try Spiral Knights and Dungeon Defenders. Spiral Knights lost its appeal after a few months (after a few weeks for me), but now we've moved onto Pandora Saga, which is definitely an MMO, although not a great one and she's quitting before me. I'll move on to something else when I find something that could spark her interest.


It totally depends on the person. I played WoW on & off for a few years (it's actually where my husband & I met for the 1st time - we're nearing our 2nd anniversary!), but it was never my passion. I really like games that the game & the players don't make you feel guilty if you don't play for a while. I love tons of stupid little games (been playing on for years) so Hubby got me to start playing with the 360 & PS3 by buying some of the little games for both consoles. Bonus is that noone but me keeps those games so they're crazy cheap used at GameStop. Overall we still play different games, but we've recently spent a whole ton of time with Skyrim. I can't play for long due to some intense carpal tunnel, but luckily I enjoy watching him play and giving input on what we do with the characters - what they make, where they go, should they go werewolf, etc.

I wouldn't go behind her back to get a friend to convince her. Just feels weird. Sims is definitely a good one to start with.


@bsmith1: It's true. Beating the snot out of her all the time will NOT make her want to play with you. Doesn't necessarily mean you should change how you play - maybe change WHAT you play.

If you choose to lose on purpose, do NOT under ANY circumstances let her realize that you are letting her win. That's a total game over.


I also am trying to figure out how to get the GF into gaming. She like the idea of Portal, so I'm going to ease her into that.


Word games and "cute" games are a good start


The Wii is a great console for casual gamers. Try MarioKart, or Tetris.



I started my gf on mario,mariokart,plants vs zombies and slowly worked from there.


LEGO Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Pirate are all games she enjoyed. But she wouldn't play them w/o me because she has issues with the controller at some points and gets stuck.

Maybe I'll let her play with my iPad for a couple of days and try her out on plants vs. Zombies.

Sims. I know the game, but nothing about it. What type of game is it classified as?

Also got her hooked on words with friends, though even if I try to do poor, I still end up winning.


I agree with @thefenst about the wii games...bowling, tennis and such are fun. I think that Little Big Planet in co-op mode might be a good learning/bonding game.


My girlfriend is a casual gamer as well and definitely enjoyed Plants Vs Zombies. There is a campaign mode, plus a few extra challenge modes.

Crayon Physics Deluxe was another game my girlfriend enjoyed. It's a solo game, where you draw things that exhibit different physics to try to get a ball to a designated place for each puzzle. Also available on the iPad.

Fable 1 is a good beginning RPG, or perhaps one of the many Zelda games should you decide to get a Wii.


or go outside for a walk, quick and easy picnic in a nearby park, fly a kite, ride bikes, walk a dog together, do outdoor volunteering on some community project. you and your SO will stay together longer and games will still be there when you really need them.


Maybe a game where you play as teammates would be good. That way when you win you can celebrate together and when you lose she doesn't have to feel bad.


Most games (if not all) have limiting factors on their games (which is probably where they get most of the money from) on Facebook.

I kind of got away with that though by just making like five "mule" of fake accounts which allowed me to give out "bonuses" to my main account. Which usually makes the gaming last longer and possibly faster.. but not as fun as playing with real people.

Some better games? I'd go with a free-to-play browser games, which are pretty easy to find. I know a specific one that you might find pretty nice, but I forgot the name so I'll try coming back to that if I can.