questionsdo you ever get tired of people asking why their…


Such is life. I don't read the questions enough to notice. I have had several deals removed and each one I went back through and found that it was either cause I didn't pay attention or dig deep enough before posting and it was a dupe or people just didn't care. Either way the end of the world was not had because of it.

Personally if a deal is removed you should chalk it up to good moderation.


Yes, I get tired of the questions... but until a better system comes about, it's the only real thing users can do.

I also get tired of asking these kind of questions...


Honestly, I love deals.woot, but I wish there was a more centralized source of information as well as a standard procedure for how deals/conversations are removed. I think with that the # of certain types of questions would go down and some of the ones that get posted could be replied to with "see this link." I have no idea how hard this would be to implement.


Simple solution - A FAQ tab that addresses that question - dups, items not allowed, etc. & other issues that come up on Ask The Community. A FAQ tab is needed on the deals side, too.

This has been suggested numerous times. So far, no tabs. As always, if a question doesn't interest me, I pass over it w/o voting up or down. Short answer, no it doesn't bother me.


Not at all. If there was a clear set of rules (an FAQ, listed in the TOS, etc.) it wouldn't be a problem. Or if the mod took the time to notify the poster of why it was removed.

The fact that deals get removed, often for unknown reasons that don't follow the logic of other deals that are posted, is the reason for the frustration.

So I think everyone should ask why until we get a solid list of reasons that are followed equally by all mods.


@agent019: Well you can chalk it up to moderation. I don't think you can say good moderation since there are no rules/guidelines for the moderators to go by.


Maybe something could be put in place so when a moderator removes a deal an email would automatically be sent to the person who posted the deal. The email would explain to the poster why the deal was removed.

If there were, let's say, 5 reasons for removing a deal there could be 5 generic emails. The moderator would send the appropriate one to the poster.


pretty sure asking a question about people asking a question doesn't do much to solve the problem


I get tired of people asking about whether I'm tired of people asking why their deal was removed... But, I'm weird like that.