questionscan you help me find a comfortable mouse?


Oh and I'd like it to be WIRED! It's for a desktop and never leaves the mouse pad. The cord doesn't bother me and I don't like worrying about batteries.


Why not just get another Dell like the one you had? They seem to be available still.


@pitamuffin: @moondrake: I don't know. I guess I'm just looking for something with a higher quality/heavy feel. Don't know if either of you have held/used an $80 mouse before. But they have a wonderful heavy/sturdy/metal feel about them. When holding the cheap dell mouse, though comfortable shape, you know it was given away for free and costs 2 cents to make.


I like trackball mice that you navigate with your thumb and don't move around at all, so I am not conscious of my mouse's weight. My wrist does not enjoy driving a mouse around all day, but my thumb doesn't mind. I love the Logitech one I have at work, it's a perfect fit to my hand and when I am doing mouse work it's a very comfortable and ergonomic rest. What I use at home is a tiny Logitech remote mouse which operates the computer hooked to my TV across the room, and the built in mouse panels on my laptops.


@moondrake: Ahhh. I was never able to get use to the trackball. But those who have always rave about them.


@firebirdude: Sounds as if you need to hit some B&M stores and actually field test as many mice as you can find.

I dearly love my Logitech Performance MX, which fits my hand perfectly, but evidently neither it nor any of the other dozen or mice we have around here would suit you.


@firebirdude: I actually use that Naga Epic Gaming mouse to work in Microstation, and yes I use 11 of the 15 buttons. Its comfy and its wired or wireless. It also comes with adjustable side plates to better fit your hand.


DeathAdder. Pick up one on the next woot Razer dealie.


@firebirdude: I still have to recommend this one - even though it's wireless:

Logitech M310 - Refurbished

It's got the right shape. Battery lasts well over a year on normal usage, so it's worth considering.

Wow - that's a pretty good deal. I think I'll post it on the deals side.


I've worn out several Logitech MX310's. It's been long d/c'd I guess; I order them from Korea on ebay. The perfect mouse for me, if it only had a couple more buttons to program.




I have a box of those usb dell laser mice.

PM me your address and I will priority mail you a few.


I like wireless mouse. But this dell is perfect.