questionsset an icon on main deals.woot page please


What are you talking about?

Wait. Are you speaking of that thing known as a favicon? Yeah, I guess you are.

Dang. My head hurts now.


I use Chrome and it has the traditional Woot ! in black. However, I clicked over to IE for a look and it doesn't have the icon.

@shrdlu - I never knew those had a proper name. Now I feel all edumicated


@shrdlu: yes. If you didn't notice, they've got a green one on the main woot page, blue on sellout, maroon on wine, orange on kids, and deals should be black, but someone forgot to set it! =) (Not just a favorite icon, but also visible in your browser when you bring up a webpage ;)



@diputsur: I did not, at all, mean that it was a favorite icon, but rather that it was the official name of the silly pointless thing. While it's trivial to change, I will point out that (as @melissadrag pointed out) your browser is probably the one at fault, rather than poor Deals.

I see a black exclamation point, in any number of different browsers (I just checked on three of them). Nothing to fix on Deals end. Broken on yours. Happens.


Isn't that something that Microsoft needs to update in their little database of horrors?

man I never even noticed and usually I would. I just open up my tabbed browser and do stuff, such a minor issue really. I am sure woot staff will deal with it once they get the major issues like the database and server sorted.


@melissadrag: I even created an icon thing for some of my sites, after mickeysoft made it into an expected thing. I mostly did it because it was cluttering up my logs with 404 error messages. Stupid browsers, looking for something that has little or no use, whatsover.

I made a mistake though. It's favicon.ico (the full name). I left off the "N" for it. NOW you can be all edumacated and stuffs.


@diputsur: I use Chrome and the logo is black on mine and has always been black, so I have no idea what you are talking about.


Fine for me on Firefox. It has always had black circle with Woot exclamation point.


@shrdlu: You are so right about it being a browser thing. Right now, the Woot favicon isn't showing up for me in IE. In five minutes it might. I always create them for my sites. And from time to time a client will call and ask why I've deleted the little "thingy" at the top. I just tell them to wait. It'll come wandering back on its own.

I happen to like the favicon for sort of the reason @diputsur indicated. It's a nice visual in your bookmarks. Instead of reading thru every one of my favorites (I swear every site on the internet is my favorite), I can find what I'm looking for more quickly just by spotting the icon.

btw, this is a quick and easy favicon maker:


Other browsers are more forgiving than IE when it comes to corrupt or improper favicons, which is what I think Deals has here. Compare to Download them. Take a good look at them. The one for Deals isn't recognized by my OS or by the online favicon generator I'm using as a legitimate .ico. I could be way off, but I would guess that that is the problem. Did someone just rename a PNG or a GIF?


@chris12345: Oh, you are brillant. It's a gif, not actually an icon. Correct as usual, my dear Holmes.


@chris12345: Wow! I agree with @shrdlu, you ARE brilliant. That's definitely the answer. Kudos to you!!

Now to explain to whomever that a gif by any other name does not smell as sweet. Nor does it appear in IE. :)


interesting to see which comments get a 'vote' in this thread, I think some of you follow each other around to bump each other up! How about bumping the initial request so woot sees it and FIXES MY DAMN ICON!!!

=) Ty =)


@diputsur: I did as soon as I realized it was a bug on their end. You can always tattle the question to make sure staff sees it.


@chris12345: ty for the 'tattle' suggestion, I decided to use it, as with only 2 votes, the thread dropped off the 'fresh' page after only 24 hours or so... they wouldn't have seen it on Monday!


@diputsur: I didn't vote up the question because I seldom vote up question that are bugs, unless the bug is preventing the site from working. If it isn't something that I care bunches about (which this isn't one of those), I'm probably not going to care about it, either. I was impressed that @chris12345 pointed out WHY it wasn't working, but as I said, I think of it as a browser problem (since IE is the only one not interpreting the GIF as an icon, wrong or not).

Besides, after a certain time, even if the question seemed worthy, voting it up will make no difference on it going to popular.

For future reference, using the #bug tag, and prefacing your question with the word "Bug:" will get it noticed more quickly by staff. My making this comment with the tag may also cause it to be noticed. It just doesn't affect the way things work, though, and is merely cosmetic. It's an easy fix, but I wouldn't hold your breath.


@shrdlu: for future reference, if it isn't something you care about, stay out of the thread.


@diputsur: You asked a question. I answered. So it goes.


@shrdlu: No, YOU asked the first question in this thread - I was merely requesting a bug be fixed.

And stop bumping your own comments to ensure you stay at the top of the leaderboard. Is obvious you're doing it, as this thread has been dead for over a week, and dropped off the 'fresh' page (never made popular) nobody is monitoring it, and to see your idiotic (and as pointed out, incorrect) comment get a +1 here just goes to show what a joke the 'woot' counters are.