questionsdo artists get a percentage of sales of their…


Debut day, it's a flat $1,000 commission. Then afterwards, they get $2 per shirt (except during the Woot-off hour, which they get $1.)

So take the #1 selling shirt, The Binge. Deduct 3000 from the total, and do some math, figuring about 500 sales per Woot-off. Just don't do the math like the CEO @snapster did when it hit 50k ...

(FWIW, subsequent increases has the debut day cap at 6,000 now.)

Is it easy to win? No way.
Can it pay off? Definitely.


@narfcake: So this is why woot raised the prices! haha


@jsoko: huh? Woot has paid that commission and sales split for a few years now already.

The other competition sites ... TeeFury increased their shipping charges last year. Threadless is up to $20 (+ shipping) now. The fact that Woot held on the same $10 price for over 4 years is quite a feat already; I really can't understand why so many folks are bickering over $2. I have a friend in the printing industry, and costs have indeed increased.


@jsoko: Considering how some of the shirts have been the artist's livelihood ...

... yeah, even as a buyer, I do tend to take it seriously.