questionswho's excited for angry birds star wars?


May 4TH...How awesome would that have been? You are SO right.


I mean seriously.....isn't there enough Angry Birds stuff out already? What's next, Angry Birds and the Lost Ark? Angry Birds Spongebob?


@jsimsace: Come on now. If you had an incredibly easy way to get a dollar out of a million people with relatively little effort, you'd do it too.


I had to take a picture of the billboard in times square.


Having just inherited my sister's iPhone 3s to use as a Touch, I only recently became a hard-core Angry Birds fan. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm super-excited for the Star Wars version.


Based on the released YouTube footage, the Star Wars birds have special abilities that aren't present in the standard Angry Birds games. Han shoots his blaster, R2 sends out a mini-shockwave, etc. Also, the Imperial Pigs fire back at you.


Angry Birds Star Wars, meh,
Maybe it's because I kinda suck at the game.

I'm holding out for Raiders of the Last Ark Temple Run