questionslooking to buy a dvd or bluray player...which one…


For sure you need to go Blu-ray! They usually have extras that are not on the regular dvds, such as extended episodes, etc. Wait a couple more weeks until you have a few more bucks and buy a Sony. They are very reliable and are about $75 at Costco or Sam's Club. If you don't have a warehouse membership, ask for a one-day trial pass and they will mark it up 5-10%, but it's worth it, IMO.


Get one from today's deal:

Make sure and look through the list, as some don't come with remotes. But for under $30, shipped, you might go for pre-owned in decent shape.


Invest in a blu-ray player but hold out until late November to buy it..


As others have said, you can now find blu-ray players for under $70. I bought an LG blu-ray player on Black Friday 2010 for about $65, and it works great. Walmart and Target each have at least one model regular priced for $79 or less.


Blu-ray all day. We picked up a cheap, no-frills Blu-ray player for the bedroom at Walmart at least 6 months ago and I believe it was around the $50 point. It plays our DVDs and Blu-rays just fine.
One thing to consider is firmware updates. Make sure the player you get allows you to update the firmware over an Internet connection or via USB. Also make sure the brand is known for providing such updates.


used PS3 at Gamestop. best Blu-Ray out there


Blu-Ray. You can easily pick up a decent BR player from Best Buy or Walmart for about your budget.
I have a cheap Magnavox I got for Christmas a few years ago and it still works like a champ, never needed an update.


Get a Blu-Ray player. You can find a decent one for around your price, especially if you don't need streaming. Do consider getting one that's at least wi-fi ready, though, if not with wi-fi built in. You'll want to be able to update the firmware.

BD players better because you already have some blu-rays, and BD players can also play DVDs, so you're covered with all your media.


My recommendation would be to get the blu-ray player. They have come down tremendously in price over the years.
Below is a link for a Blu-Ray player (recertified) as well as an HDMI cable.
You could always try waiting for Black Friday if you're not in a rush at this point...

Samsung BD-D5700 Blu-ray Player - $70:

HDMI Cable - $3.50:


You can easily get a blu-ray player within your budget. The plus is that it's guaranteed to have HDMI output to your TV. This means a crystal-clear picture for your DVD's as well. Don't worry too much about upconverting DVD players on your budget. The TV does a fine job with upconversion, as with a digital picture it's really hard to tell whether it's stretched or upscaled.

Just make sure you get an HDMI cable to go with it - they can be had for under $10 online (try Monoprice or deals.woot for other ideas).