questionshave you ever been part of a rigged system that…


What I feel is the worst part of this is that I never even look at the tags unless I am searching out something specific becasue I am in the market for it. If I like the deal (based on lookign at it and not the tags) I up vote it regardless of what it is for and same for downvoting


Yes. We had a recognition system at work that had a monthly winner depending on particular criteria. I won nearly every month. The criteria wasn't changed but the policy modified to allow you to win only once per quarter.

My brother used to enter into competitions with his car and won every time in his class. They started a similar policy that you can only win every other year.


yes. i was responsible for the hanging chads.

vote-for6vote-against, under the same username.

I figured out what people liked and produced it, until the point where I, and a couple other people (fourest, namely, who I still talk to on a regular basis on facebook) became mainstream.

We had the majority of the community backing us, because it's easy to get crowds to follow you, even into a confrontation against the governing authority, if you are able to consistently provide them with what makes them happy.

The majority of the staff didn't really care for us, and the basis for being a Featured User was constantly changed to avoid the three of us, even though we were the most popular at the time. Various other things were done to try to get under our skin, but we didn't care. We had the approval of the masses, which got under the staff's skin even more.

I got bored with it after a little while, and have been off for about two years. I sometimes like to go there to read current comments about the "good ol' days with dmaz and fourest" :)


Personally, I don't pay attention to tags. I pay attention to content. The tags are for their SEO. I write questions which have perfectly vallid tags for humans to use, but they remove them and leave "chat".. which is totally worthless. Aside for SEO.

One of the bad things about the internet these days is people do certain things for Google, not users. I deal with it all the time, and it's annoying. I asked a question recently about museums and paying admission. I had tags like "museums" and "admission".. they just threw those very useful (to actual carbon based life forms) and left "chat".

So, I see tags on this site 100% useless.


To answer your question and avoid the #tags issue, no. I have never been done that way online.


Well this question did not go as I expected. What I sort of expected to see was a mirror to what happened in my situation we (the ones who were so much better then the average) got to be more average. So the very thing that was put in place to make us all better made us worse.


I'm an American citizen. If there's a more-rigged system than our society, I've not heard of it, so I'd say yes.