questionswhere can i find a good deal on an 18v hammer…


I'm sure this question has been asked multiple times.

Ebay, craigslist, auctions, yardsales. This is where I get alot of tools from. I will also buy some tools at a box store - especially when they have a great deal or I need it quickly.


My buddy swears by local pawn shops for tools, the last time I was in one I noticed that they did have a good selection of the type of tools you are talking about and more.

I was going to buy a pipe wrench at Home Depot that I needed for a quick fix at home. He told me to stop by a pawn shop first. I did, and found a brand new Craftsman for very cheap. I have only used it the one time so far, but it saved me from spending more at HD. Not my first choice to do, but it can't hurt to take a peak in one, if it might save some major cash.


@107bear: You are so, so, so right! I just gave away my 18v Hammer drill I got at a pawn shop a year ago for $30. I think it was brand new. The people I gave it too really needed it so I hope I can find another good deal... Thanks for you reply. It is apprecaited.


@107bear: I've visited pawn shops around here and hate to shop in any of them. I have a friend that also swares by them, but what I see are used (and sometimes abused) items that are only a few dollars off buying a new one.


Habor Freight has some good deals. Some guys don't like their tools but I've been buying them for years and haven't had any problems at all.

I also just posted a deal for a hammer drill from them.

Sign up for their email coupons - you'll get some real good deals every month.


@mtm2: You are right, and you can find 20% off coupons in the HF adds in magazines like American Rifleman, and any of the magazines from the NRA.

I think I saw them in Maxim also.


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@rodhanson1: I found this deal earlier and posted it for a 12volt, it's not the 18volt, but seems like a good deal plus come with a free drill.......