questionsshould i go with amd or intel for a gaming pc?


I'm going to try to be as unbiased as I can about this...

It depends on your budget, but I will tell you this first -- that with everyday users, most won't notice too much of a difference.

Intel usually does better than AMD in terms of benchmarking tests -- although this varies on what is being tested and sometimes is contested amongst fanboys. Intel is supposed to be better for PC gaming -- AMD is more for budget gamers. AMD is a bit better about using similar sockets which makes upgrading easier (between builds) -- Intel tends to make different sockets for each series of CPUs, which means when you upgrade the CPU you need to spend more money on another motherboard. Both are known to push out chips that have problems with the first generation (although arguably this happens with a lot of products nowadays).

Otherwise? just research I guess... Tom's Hardware is a good place to read about benchmarking tests, as they perform a lot of different tests and many CPUs at the same time.


Personally I feel AMD gives more bang for the buck tham Intel does.


I'm not an intel fanboy (my last laptop was Turion based, and my last desktop was X2 based), but right now Intel is the only way to go IMO. Sometimes, benchmarks are close between the similar speed chipsets of intel and amd, but this has not been the case for quite some time. AMD has been falling behind due to what is essentially poor business management while Intel has consistantly been putting out good chips. The core 2 was well ahead of AMDs offering and the sandy bridge i5 (which IMO is the best chip on the market, the i7s are faster, but dang, they cost too much for what you get) is miles ahead of AMDs chips.

That beign said, i really hope that AMD is going to come back with some better chips. Competition is the best thing for consumers like us. AMD used to be the better bang for the buck processor maker, and I hope they return there some day.

My opinion is to go with the 2500k on the i5. You can overclock that like a mother and it screams.


I used to be an AMD fan, but in recent history they have been pretty solidly behind Intel on processors in just about every way. They still make some decent processors, but Intel solidly has a solid lead at this point.

Your best bets for picking a specific processor are to use review and comparison sites. They'll help you get the best bang for your buck regardless of which maker you pick in the end.


Hey guys, thanks for all the responses. It is a great help. I am currently in Afghanistan and I can't do a lot of research on them online because the internet is so poor. But from what you all have said, I def think that I am going to go with an Intel chip.