questionswhere can i find a decent fork spoon & knife set?


@thepenrod: That is the cutest/coolest thing I've seen in a long time! I don't have kids (well, I do, but he's 41), but I'm now old enough that I don't give a rat's patootie about buying silly stuff for myself. OTOH, if the son and DIL would get around to upgrading the grand-dog to a grandchild, I could buy two sets!


Four and five-piece place settings are customary, and it's very unlikely you'll find any "regular" flatware that's different. On the other hand, if you spring for a 16- or 20-piece set, which is service for four, you'll be totally set in case you ever want to have company. Oneida is a nice, mid-range brand, and I have accumulated and enjoyed a lot of it over the years. However, they also sell some less expensive lines branded as theirs but made in China to lesser standards. I have two sets of that quality flatware, too, and it seems to do just fine for everyday use. Has a relatively good heft and balance, and you can often find the 20 piece sets for about $30-35 on Amazon. Here, for instance:

This one is about $6 cheaper at Walmart, but here's a quick look:



Just to be clear, you are looking for 1 set. With 1 each of a fork, spoon and knife?


I think you need the..

Several which come with a knife like blade on the side of the fork end.


@thepenrod: i love the stuff they sell on that site!


Go ahead an buy a set of four place settings. You'll have extras in case one gets stuck in the garbage disposal. Heck, buy 8! You might decide to have company over for dinner some day and having flatware certainly helps, especially if you're serving soup.

Decent set for four people, I didn't see anything in the reviews about spotting: I'm not wild about them, but you might like them.

@magic cave: That is the set my parents had/have. They held up VERY well with three klutzy kids, dishwashers, etc. I had no idea that pattern was still around!