questionshow much do you pay for movie tickets?


We have a costco next to our big theater that sells 2 movie tickets for $16.00. If I went to the movie theater and bought tickets, it would be $10 per ticket. (Excluding taxes, naturally)
About a year ago they got rid of matinee prices too. So any movie (Not 3D) is $10. If you want to see it in 3D it's $4 more per ticket

So, an extra 5 minutes saves me $4. Win in my opinion.

2 other theaters nearby with less quality speakers and smaller screens are $9/ticket. It's worth the extra $1 for the better sound.


Movie theater? What's that? Didn't The Blob eat one of those?


$8.50 for every regular ticket. $13 for 3-D. Thankfully, we still have matinee prices here for $6, so I usually go on off days. I pay a cheap price, get to see a good movie without a lot of people in the theater and don't have to navigate my way through all the middle and high school kids that the theater attracts on friday nights


@captainsuperdawg: Dang, 3D pricing for our theatre is only $3 extra. I guess I can understand if it was IMAX, but not Real-D.


Here's an answer of no help: Not sure, haven't been to a theater in YEARS...


$8.50 for a rgular movie, 3.00 more for 3D. I think matinees are 4.50 but that has been a while.
I am halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee.


@holymythos: It's Real-D. It doesn't matter to me though, I avoid 3-D movies at all cost. If they switched prices around so that regular movies were $13, I'd probably pay the extra money to avoid the 3-D gimmicks


$5 for regular 2D, $8 for 3D. My local theater is cheap before noon.

I did break down and see Transformers 3 in IMAX 3D, that was $16.50 but totally worth it.


I work at a Cinemark in Lexington, KY and at our particular theater the prices are for matinee, children, seniors, and students $4.25 per ticket. An adult evening is $6.00. And an adult evening on the weekend (Friday or Saturday night) is $6.50. Then on top of that, if any movie is 3D, add another $2.50 to the price. For example Fright Night in 3D on a Friday night is $9.00 for one adult.


For OC in CA:
matinee regular
2d 10.00 12.50
3d 14.00 16.50
Imax N/A 19.00
The Costco nearby does 2x for $16 as well, and that's a nice deal, especially with our super-expensive theater here :-/

(sorry for the scrunched-up diagram!


Here in Phoenixville, PA (Thats right people, where the blob ate the theater!) the ticket prices are all over the place. You can go to Colonial Theater (the Blob theater) and pay $2 for a ticket, but the movies are extremely old. I haven't been to that theater in years. Then there is a Carmike in the next town over that charges $5 a ticket. They show new movies, but the theater is run down and not kept very nice. A new theater opened a couple of months ago called The Movie Tavern. You can go there and eat and or drink while you watch your movie. Those tickets are $9.50 each, which isnt that bad. And the food and drink prices aren't bad either. The most expensive ticket is for an IMAX 3D film at AMC. Those tickets are $17.50 each.

Funny, my wife and I must have been to the movies once in the past 10 years. But within the last few months we have been addicted. Its a nice change!


New Orleans AMC.

Tickets are 10-11 bucks on the weekend but at the kiosk you can buy kids tickets for 5.50. Only once has the attendant ever noticed.

5.50 M-Th I think for everyone.


@wootbretz: Is Clearview still a teeny-bopper hangout? That was always a pain.

I miss the NOLA area.


How much do I pay for a movie ticket? Too much. Hence my wife and I just watch a lot of netflix.

I want to say our matinee prices are $6.50, which is more manageable. But being out in the boonies with lower technology theaters it stinks having to pay $9-10 bucks for a ticket, followed by getting gouged for Popcorn/Soda/Etc.

A small soda should not cost $4.50. Period Dot.


@atomicorange: I prefer the Harahan location to Clearview. They let me take in Cane's and it doesn't have that mall atmosphere. Every movie theatre is a dreaded teeny bopper hang out, however. Except for the dinner theatre set up they did at Canal Shops (Champagne and a movie!).


I buy them on Ebay (bidding wars usually) in large packs for the AMC Gold or Silver tickets.. most I will pay per gold is $6/each and $5/each for Silver. In addition to that, I paid the $12 for the year membership to AMC Stubs Rewards.. So even if I use Gold Tickets, it still counts towards it and I get a free ticket every so many visits.. (not really sure, but I already have $12 on my card to use)..

Plus on occasion there are really great LivingSocial, Groupon, or Eversave that offer local theaters here. last one I got from Eversafe was 2 tickets + 2 large drinks + 2 large popcorns for $15, definitely worth it..


At the Malcos around here tickets are

Adult Matinee $6.00
Child Matinee $6.00
Adult Matinee 3d $7.00
Child Matinee 3d $7.00
Adult Evening $8.00
Child Evening $6.00
Adult Evening 3d $9.00
Child Evening 3d $7.00

They also have Twilight (usually around 4 to 5 give or take a few minutes I think) $5.00

There is also a cine-mark about an hour east from me but their website is being a butt and won't load properly so I'll post those prices later.

As for major city near me I live about an hour south of Memphis Tn.

Honestly I would love to pay $5.00 a ticket we use to have a theater here that charged $5.00 a ticket had amazing screens, seating, tables between chairs, and a full kitchen it was brand new but they couldn't stay in business because no one would go to them. Lasted about half a year to a year. Everyone always goes to Malco and it kinda upsets me >.>

not on topic i know but @holymythos: whats wrong with real-d? its 100 times better than Dolby digital least to me <.<


$7.50 for adults but having a baby makes it hard to make it to the theater but on the rare occasion my wife and I do go we use coupons for 2 for 1.
But my wife and I usually opt to stay in and watch movies at home, we have a pretty nice setup with surround sound, big screen and very comfortable seating, not to mention if I have to pee or refill my refreshments I can pause the movie.
I guess the one down side is we have to wait a little longer for the movies to come out on DVD or Bluray. But worth the comfort and savings.


We are cheap so we don't go to evening movies and rarely to 3D or IMAX. We go on Saturday or Sunday.

Western WA pricing

AMC - 1st show of the day $6 other matinee viewings are $8
Regal - matinee $8.50

That is if we pay full price. Between Living Social, Groupon and Google Offers we have been paying $4 - $4.50 per ticket.


Hooray for dollar theatres!


@dravack: Nothing is wrong with Real-D, my theatre has 7 or so Real-D theatres. I was just stating that it's weird that some places charge more than $3 for Real-D if that was the case.


$5-9 is super cheap! I live in Los Angeles and as stated above, you can't get less than $11 tickets here without a Costco deal, but even in Sacramento where my family lives, it's at least $10.

The most I've paid is around $17 for 3D IMAX. There's a theater in Pasadena that has lounge chairs and food service (Gold Class Cinemas) and they sell tickets for $30... haven't been there yet.


@bogie21: keep your 3d glasses after you leave the theater, our nearest that does 3d movies doesn't charge extra if you bring your own 3d glasses in (from the last viewing)

anyway, I'm sick of paying $10+ for movies too, then $7 for popcorn and $6 for a coke. We still have a drive-in about 1/2 mile from where I live in the Sacramento burbs, and it's $6.75 for adults, kids 5-11 are $1. It's a bit run down, but it's awesome that we bring our own little gas grill for hot dogs/brats, bring a cooler of beer, throw down a 4" thick foam pad and blanket in the back of the truck, and get 3 movies for that $6.75. The sound is great since they broadcast on different FM frequencies for each of the 6 screens and we bring a nice little boombox, the movies are almost all first-run, actually showing in their first week out at the drive-in.
one screen is always kids-only (G & PG). They have 12 movies any given night, and replay the first one around midnight so you can move your car to another screen


At the drive in you can talk if you want, no one gets bothered, and if the kids get tired they can go to sleep, or even watch a dvd in the car while mom & dad get a night out without having to blow $40 on a babysitter.

they are doing a free movie night next thursday, transformers 3, cars 2, and another 3rd movie. A few times they have had a flatbed truck in front of one of the screens about an hour before showtime, and local bands give a free show before your movie starts. Sometimes we get our favorite pizza or KFC to bring to the movie, and relax on a folding reclining chaise lounge to enjoy the movie.

We bring a frisbee for the kids to play with before the sun sets, and they always end up meeting other kids their own age before it gets dark and have a great time. It still amazes me how few people actually even know this drive-in is there, or who know about it but have never attended.

they'll even bring you pizza from their concession stand right to your car when it's done!


funniest memory ever is the first time we went, around 11 PM we started smelling marijuana, and when we looked around to see who was blazing, it was two lesbians in their 60's smoking and making out in the convertible VW bug next to us. Totally stunned to see two grandma-looking old ladies making out & smoking dope!


$6 Sundays at our local Regal and I think $9 for adults on other days. I went to NY Times Square last summer and saw Horrible Bosses premiere for $13


$7.50 before 5PM and $7.50 weekdays after, $9.50 weekends. No Imax nearer than 75 miles - and I am with those who are not overly fond of 3D, for which there is the additional $3 charge for the glasses, and they have an attendant outside to collect the used ones. According to the sign, if you don't return the ones you have, the charge is then $5.


We're lucky to have a theater near us that realizes you might actually get more people in with lower prices.

$6 regular
$4 matinee

First run movies with stadium seating. Cinemark no less. It's been this price for about 5 years now.


Online prices are $11 for adults, but I seem to recall last time I went with my friends it was about $45 for the three of us.. ($48 I think). That wasn't a 3D movie, so not sure if there was a special thing going on, but I doubt it. Of course, the prices are easily matched at the concession stands where one can walk out with 2 pop-corns, and three drinks for $35. Quite sad really.

Add in the horrible condition of the theaters and it all adds up to a rental night.


@kamikazeken: I wish we had a drive in close. There's one about 20 minutes away, so it isn't terrible, but it can be a hassle trying to remember to pack all the stuff, like snacks (they don't mind if you bring your own which is awesome). The one I go to used to have a little playground with swings, a slide and a merry-go-round, so when I was a kid, it was the greatest place ever. My little cousin saw her first movie there and started calling it the "movie in the park"


I live in NY so we get the most expensive ones but theres way around it.

$10.50 - $14 / Adult

Costco or BJ: (not in the city tho) have AMC Gold tickets for $82.50 for 10

if I am not in a hurry, i go online to buy them ahead cheaper $65/10 gold tickets + free ship
or check bids on ebay

sucks to be in NY


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Look around, you never know what you'll find.