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Sent this onward for investigation. Turns out @jumbowoot and crew are already on it! :)


Ran out of space above:

A month after I told them I protested the charge and got a refund, an envelope came in the mail with ONE wheel in it. NO documentation at all (remember TWO were broken, and the heater didn't work anyway!) The return address was "Xpower USA." I Googled them and found a phone number. Of course they don't answer their phone, but I left a message saying "I don't know why you sent me this, since I never dealt with you." They called back and left a message saying "Please call us about your ebay purchase." I emailed Dailysteals and told them I had talked to XPower, and not to bother with any further action, since I got my money back. Their reply? "How did you get a hold of them? Do you have a number, because we can't get a hold of them? How did you get a refund?" Tis is THEIR supplier! They didn't even remember my emails saying I protested the charge.

Don't risk your money. It's not a deal if you never get it or if it's broken! Stay away from Daily Steals!


@baronz: But this merchant rating system already exists for an even wider audience than just woot. Go here for the results:


@j5: Once I pass something like this on, I would expect any updates if there are any updates to be had to come from people higher up on the chain (unless they get passed to a mod to post in which case more than happy to update). Tis the nature of complaints vs general information (which we like to ferret out and get back as quick as possible) and all.


i've ordered 3-4 items from them. aside from shipping being slower than a cat eating a pickle, i haven't had any problems.


@inkycatyz: Is this something I can follow here or is it all "back office" now?

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I ordered a car charger/fm transmitter for my ipod from them. Didn't take too long, but when it arrived it was missing the plug into the cigarette lighter. I emailed them and got the same kind of reply that they were having problems with their supplier. I emailed a few more times before I finally gave up and disputed the charge. Never heard back.


@inkycatz: This issue may suggest a feature...

I "trust" this community and their rating - it would be nice to see some kind of company ratings, or a central place where I could go to see people having bad experiences with DailySteals linked directly from a post of a new "deal" from them.

It's always "buyer beware" with any purchase, but hearing feedback from my fellow wooters does help drive my decision on who I trust to purchase from online, or help set my expectations


I've never had any problems with orders from them, but thanks for the heads up. I will keep my eyes open and hope they resolve whatever issue they're having.


I order from them fairly regularly, including a recent order for 9 items that totaled over $1500.00. Besides the expected slow shipping, there has never been a problem that was not worked out in one way or another.

I expect to have issues from time to time with all online order sites, and it happens (more often than I would like). I make a cost benefit analysis and know that I come out ahead by quite a bit in the long run.


I have ordered from them on three different occasions. All items arrived as advertised (the correct product), in good condition (not the best packaging), and eventually (slow is an understatement), So I have never had any problems. None of my orders were for electronic items.


And to be fair- I'm willing to give people a second chance if I think it's an honest mistake. Daily Steals's emails were all apologetic and helpful, without actually providing any help. They promised a refund, but wouldn't tell me where to send it, said their manager was on it, but I never heard from them. If not for the first email reply, I wouldn't even have a way to contact them. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I mentioned I spoke to the supplier and they asked "Really? can we get the number?"

I'm the first to admit I was wrong and eat crow if things work out (as you can find here in the forums when I jumped the gun.)

The moral of the story: Always use a credit card so you at least have some recourse if you get ripped off!


I've ordered a couple of small things in the past and had no issues until my most recent order. About a month ago I ordered a $10 pair of wireless headphones. When it showed up, it was dead. I emailed them, and after some delay, they answered. They're sending me a replacement. I don't even have to send back the broken headphones. We'll see if the replacements work when they get here, but I'm fairly pleased.

That being said, I wouldn't ever spend much more than $10 or $15 there, just in case something does go wrong.


I've ordered twice from them (last time a littile over a year ago) with no problems.


I had no idea how bad it was. After reading the reviews, I have dropped them as an affiliate, thanks for the heads up!


@cengland0: I credit reseller ratings for convincing me not to order from daily steals.

Only a small number of people will read this warning topic (or the previous ones), and even fewer will remember it in a month or two, but you can always check reseller ratings before buying from a site you're not familiar with.


Adding my 2 cents: I've ordered several times from them. Had no problems w/the items I received. Admittedly, they are slow shippers. :-/

Do appreciate hearing about problems. Keeping that in mind, I like to make my own decisions on whether to buy or not. Also, people seldom post about their exemplary experiences. I try to keep that in mind, too. Would not like to see them banned from deals.


@samstag: I have read and posted reviews to It IS a good resource if you are in doubt. Sometimes a deal looks too good to be true, and a good reseller rating will tip the scales in their favor. Maybe a column on the deals.woot page with the Reseller Rating for the seller? I suppose the up/down vote accomplishes the same thing.


Ordered a "new" item and received a defective one that had a "factory refurbished" sticker . Took 2 emails to get a response. I did get my money back for the item but was out shipping both ways. Never again.


Bad experience. I gave them three chances because I kept thinking mine was the exception, but they failed to deliver the product as ordered all three times. First product came with a broken watch band, second came with a broken corner for a frame, and the third was a blue tooth ear piece that shipped with bits of broken plastic instead of the actual accessories. Stay away.


@carl669: Thumbs up for the cat-pickle comment! (Not sure how fast that is...)


I'll throw my hat into that ring!
For a couple of things - one was the big MicroSD card debacle.. I opted for the credit, never got it. Contacted 'em half a dozen times.. they finally got back to me - admitted they were wrong but wouldn't reissue credit.


Wow. I'll have to think twice now. The few times I had ordered from them have been fine. The only bug came when I ordered a product not allowed on woot, and thanks to the way they take payments/ deal with paypal (it was an issue either way), I had to send the package to my parents house. I sent them an email as soon as I ordered, explaining the situation, and got an email back fairly quickly saying that unfortunately they couldn't do anything. Which, given the facts, wasn't entirely unreasonable and they at least seemed sorry.

I did get the item after all, but dealing with their CS went well, even if I didn't exactly get the answer I was hoping for.


I'm surprised no one has yet come up with any clever comments about the irony of their name and the topic here. This is a comment, just not a clever one. :)

I have ordered a few times from them and never had any issues except slow shipping (as mentioned numerous times before).


@gmwhit: I too have had similar a experience with them. I always seem to get my stuff, as advertised, but by the time I get it I had forgotten I had even ordered it!

There was only one purchase that I did have to write off... They were selling "mystery mice" basically you got a random mouse for your PC. Unfortunately, both my "randoms" where the same and PS/2 so I had no use for them, although they did fit the description they provided on the order page so I guess it was my fault for not making sure they were USB. Oh well, you live and you learn.


So long as consumers are more concerned with getting the best deal than they are with buying from responsible sellers, companies like dailysteals will continue to thrive.

I would not be surprised to learn that the entire strategy for some of these "deal" site is to sell product at cost, charge 100% of customers yet strategically fill 90% of orders. The remaining 10% would only be filled as absolutely required. While it can be argued that they would lose customers, only some of these would be gone permanently. The others would be back at the next great deal. In addition it would take a long time to achieve 100% market saturation. Even then it is very easy to close down and reopen under a new name.


i've ordered from them several times over the past few years, other than slow shipping i have not had any problems.


Wasn't the name ominous enough? You're not the one getting the steals...


@j5: I have a hard time comparing them to woot! I think they don't actually POSSESS the stuff. They find a good deal somewhere, post a listing, sell as many as they can, then place orders through a third party and ship direct. They never touch the goods, just make a percentage from the markup. That's why shipping takes so long. When they have a problem, they CAN'T accept returns, and can't issue refunds without losing money. So they do nothing, and eat it when someone protests the charge.

I made a bundle doing exactly this on ebay. But the couple of times I ran into trouble, I sucked it up and paid for a refund/replacement. MY 100% ebay feedback was worth more than a few bucks.


I will never trust a site that doesn't provide either a phone number or physical mailing address, ever, regardless of the savings.


@lon21285cmb: Holy smokes, you're right. Woot has a lower rating. Some problems with Woot are:

1. No customer service number.
2. No way to cancel an order.
3. Receiving defective items.
4. Shipping Times.
5. Never receiving credit after problems like double billing or returning defective items.
6. Not getting responses when sending emails to customer service.

#1 is true. However, now that this is a regular commerce site, they should have a number like any other site.
#2 is true and you can see that in the FAQ too. This is not a brick and mortar store.
#3 can happen with any company but woot should make sure the problem gets fixed.
#4 is true and woot should attempt to fix that problem.
#5 This would be a huge issue if true. I've purchased over 70 woot items and had one single issue with a shirt and they refunded my money and let me keep the shirt.
#6 Seems they are fixing the issue by having a page to send your messages so they do not get stuck in their spam filters.



You're won't believe THIS! I hope you're all sitting down while you read this:

The above mentioned Customer Retention Manager actually came through! (If the actual refunds get processed She said 4-5 business days.) Her email was too long to repost here, but in a nutshell:

-They are going to refund $98 for the heater that was the wrong model! (I already got money back from my credit card for the broken one.)

-They will refund my $11 for the keyboard I received that was broken, even though I never actually filed a claim with them, I merely mentioned it in the email and here in the forums.

-She gave me a coupon code for $100 off a future purchase!! (I'll use it to see if they've changed anything!)

-She claims they have dropped the supplier who provided the heaters (I wasn't alone in having a problem.)

-She says they are taking steps to insure future orders are packaged better!

It seems like they are finally getting serious about customer relations! SEE BELOW


Above post continued...

I will update when (if) I actually receive my refunds! I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Those of you who posted here about a problem should email her-

Customer Retention Manager

Maybe she will try to help you out as well. At least this time it seems like they are actually TRYING!


@inkycatz: oops, spelled your name wrong when tagging you above. :/

j5 j5

I used them once, long ago. The product eventually came, more or less as promised. The shipping was incredibly slow, and I've not heard anything good about them recently. I'd stay far, far away.


I can say that I have ordered from them twice this year and had no problems. They are, as people have said, rather slow to ship - but otherwise I've been happy with what I have ordered.


@wnyx585am: DailySteals is/has a woot user name. They post their deals often. Also- well-meaning wooters post good deals for others in good faith, not knowing the problems. On the face they look like good deals. In the last week I've made it my mission to down vote each one and post a comment as to why. In a couple of those, I said to the effect: "Come on, it says 'steals' right in their name!" Seriously though, I doubt they are actively trying to steal people's money, but their business model appears to be reselling crap they buy elsewhere as a middle man. You order from them, they order from third party and have it sent to you. When it arrives damaged, they shrug it off and blame where they got it from. But that doesn't stop them from keeping your money...


I would never trust buying from a site with the word "steal" in their name.


As I've said before, I'd be ok spending under $10 or $15 on something from DS because I have bought things that I have been relatively happy with from there. Anything more than that? Forget it.


@lon21285cmb: I have over 170 woots dating back to 2004. I haven't had ONE problem, save for the smartpost shipping times. At least woot gives you tracking data.

It DOES make me wonder about the veracity of Especially in light of my comment above... I've heard back from RR about that and they want a copy of my invoice to prove I ordered from DS. Funny thing. DS didn't include one in the box!

And since YOU just created your woot account, I don't give your comments much weight.(I'm guessing you were the one down vote on this topic, as well.)


@inkycatz: Thanks! Didn't expect that- I just wanted to warn potential buyers what they're in for! Be glad if woot can get an answer. To those who've had good experiences: How many times did Christopher Walken win at Russian roulette in that movie?


I ordered something from them one time. It came broken. I never ordered from them again.


@tcayer: I, too, asked a question related to Good Customer Service.

Yes, those that receive bad service yell louder...and longer. I firmly believe that excellent, above the usual expected norm, CS should be lauded. So few ever take the time to do that.


My first three orders were shipped about two weeks after the orders were placed, but the items were as advertised and I was pleased. On 11/5, I ordered two items, and when they hadn't been shipped 3 weeks later, I asked for updates from Daily Steals. No response. I asked again; no response. I filed PayPal disputes for both orders, then escalated to claims; still no response. 25 days after the order, I received one item, complete if badly packaged. Just checked the DS site- the other item now shows shipped, with tracking information; it should be here 30 days after the order was placed. Never again.


@lon21285cmb: How interesting that you registered just today and only to make a comment favorable to DailySteals!


@tcayer: Can't you send ResellerRatings a copy of your bank statement or credit card statement showing a transaction for


@cengland0: Looks like a few of those people were actually shopping through deals.woot, I have never seen a Woot deal where you pick it up at Sears. I fail to understand why people have such a hard time realizing that deals.woot is not a Woot owned site and therefore they have nothing to do with those purchase issues.

However thought, I don't understand why someone would order something and then want to cancel it right after.


@tcayer: Here's how I responded:

""Going forward?" Start by refunding the $97.97 I was not refunded for the second heater that was not the correct model, and the $10.87 for the broken keyboard that arrived in an envelope with no box or packing material whatsoever. "Different from a year ago?" This all happened since October. Two of the seven orders I placed were damaged. The third (Bluetooth Adapter) doesn't seem to work at all, but I don't know if it is defective or not.

This is the third email of this type I have received, but other than promising to "do better in the future," you offer nothing. I'm not willing to try again."

We'll see if they reply this time...


@cengland0: Funny story- I posted a review on RR for the above incident. Dailysteals filed a complaint against me with RR saying my review violated their policies. Then I got an email from DS saying "We REALLY want to help you with this. please email us!" Like I haven't done that a dozen times already. So I sent ANOTHER email saying I already got my refund, do what you want. We'll see if they reply...

P/S/ Resellerratings wants DOCUMENTATION for the order- DS sent NO invoice, not even a manual, or any return address, and their website has no order info.


@gmwhit: ACTUALLY- I started a thread here some time ago asking people where they got great customer service. It didn't get as many responses as this one! I've had a few great experiences (Canon and Levis to name a couple!) I think people EXPECT good service at a minimum. It SHOULDN'T be noteworthy to get what you expect. I think human nature is to want to complain. Most great retailers sail quietly under the radar. When someone goes above and beyond, it SHOULD be recognized!