questionscan woot! ship with speed or what?!


Yes, their shipping is awesome! I ordered a few things on Monday and actually received one of them on Tuesday! Now, if my salted caramels would just get here :)


@lmensor: I'm in the same boat in the salted caramels situation...they can't arrive soon enough!


@jsimsace and @lmensor: I suspect they have to wait for the Candy Basket folks to make those and ship them. The last time I ordered these it seemed to take FOREVER for them to arrive. This is probably good news since it means they are being made fresh, and aren't overstock items lingering around Woot warehouses. And they probably aren't refurbed, thank goodness!


@lmensor: Just got my caramels in today. om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Haven't opened them yet, but that's the sound ill be making before the end of the week i hope


My caramels went from Texas to Oregon and now it is hopefully headed to Illinois. But yes, normal Woot items get here in like 2 days


@arevan: I'm pretty sure it's just the label that went from TX to Oregon. Sometimes we will print the labels for smaller companies.


@belyndag: I received overstock warehouse caramels in a BOC once. They were super melted and deformed, but they still tasted delicious. Those chocolates are what actually made me buy them this time around.


Sometimes if I order something on the first day of a Plus sale, I will get it in time to check it out and post a review while the sale is still going :)


Recently, yes. But the wine still often takes three weeks, though I assume this isn't Woot's fault.


Or what.

This doesn't sound anything like the woot I've known for the past couple of years. I wonder if they use amazon warehouses for the side deals.


@thepenrod: I'm almost certain they do. Here's text from my UPS MyChoice Delivery Notice for a side deal item:

Tracking Number: (you can't have that - because I said so)

Approximate Delivery Time: between 9:15 AM and 1:15 PM
UPS Service: UPS Ground