questionscan i get some advice for building a grill?


They sell this grill at Lowe's, I bought the propane only variant on super sale earlier this year for $100 or something. It is made by Char-griller (known for making inexpensive grills). They're inexpensive because they're made with cheap parts, and will rust out in about 6 months during summer, when rain never even touched it (and of course, rust isn't covered under their "warranty"). Lowe's website is currently down, but when it is back up read the reviews!

But anyway, here's the manual:

My only advice is become good friend's with a guy who works at Lowe's outdoor living, and make him be your partner, I'm sure he's assembled a few.


@eraten: awesome, thanks for the manual!! I wasn't searching for that name. The reviews on Academy were bad as well. If I win, I may give it to my partner and just keep the gift card. We'll see.


The best way to get fast at assembling something like this is to do assemble it before you go to the contest. Next best thing is to take a good look at the assembled product along with the assembly instructions. So, step one would be to find a store that sells that grill and has it already assembled. See if you can make friends with the store manager and come in early, late or at a really slow time and take the thing apart and then put it back together again (of course, explain why you want to do this). Bring your build partner with you. See what you steps you can skip/do at the same time/do in parallell so that you're both always doing something...can one of you hold something with one hand while turning a screw with another?
Look for problem areas, parts with tight clearance or that require three hands to assemble.

Do you get to bring your own tools? Ratching and/or magnetic screw drivers might be really helpful.


@gt0163c: Great idea. It's sold locally at a couple of different places. I don't think we get to bring our own tools but I'll ask when they call me today. A co-worker suggested buying one and putting it together and taking it apart a few times and then returning it before the contest. Same idea as yours but I don't need to worry about a manager or anything like that.


At first glance I misread the question and thought this was going to be a post somewhat related to the movie Weird Science.
(Can I get some advice for building a girl.)


Check youtube and compare notes to the manual.


@jsimsace: I found a couple good videos on youtube. My partner and I plan to study them tonight and make notes while we go.


Ok. I went to Academy last night and saw the assembled one. They left the manual inside of the grill and I looked it over. It was very different from the manual that got posted here. I took pics with my cell phone and I've been studying them since.

The competition is today at 2pm central. I'll update here with how I do.


@cardinalsfan: well, we won!! but we didnt finish first. The radio guys told me that only the person who finished first won the grill. turns out, we all got to keep our grills, we were competing for additional prizes. We got 3rd and got a $50 gift certificate to a local harley davidson store, which has absolutely no value to us since we don't ride. but oh well, free grill!! I had to take it apart to get it in the car and I'm gonna re-assemble it tomorrow. Thanks for all the help!