questionsis there a relationship between woot! and daily…


relationship? i don't know.
but if you watch most of the daily deal sites you will find that they pretty much all have the same stuff at one point or another. there are certain things that just seem to make the rounds (from one site to another to another to another then back to the first.) it's called bad buyers-they think it's a great item/price so they buy too much then the next company thinks the same thing or sees it on the first site and buys too much then because everyone has some, no one sells most and it shows up repeatedly on a site.


Yeah, I've noticed the following day or within a week dailysteals has the same items as woot. I hope that a woot buyer isn't leaking their contacts to them. Dailysteals ships slow enough they would have time to get the info, order them, get them in and ship out. It's too often and priced in such a way either they do that, or they somehow have 100 woot accounts and buy them up. Not just a coincidence if you have noticed as often as I have.


It is a Fatal Attraction thing.


I hope not, my experience with Daily Steals has been horrible. I find they often grossly misrepresent items they have for sale, whether by ambiguous descriptions or pictures that may or may not be the item you're buying, not to mention they can take a week or more to ship.


I don't know if I would term it as a relationship? I think they are seeing each other, kinda feeling things out. Keeping it casual. But there is a good chance they will become exclusive, and maybe some day a wedding.


I really know nothing more than:

But it seems like a lot of people don't know we resell too.


@agingdragqueen: very interesting. I'm one of those folks who didn't know that.


I highly doubt they're related. Have you seen DailySteals youtube videos of the things they're trying to sell? Their "office" is small and and their employees look like idiots. And it shows from their lack of customer service, slow shipping, and shady business practices. They don't look like honest people at all