questionsdid you manage to snag the bag on the 1st night…


It's at 1AM in this time zone. I have to be up at 5. No way.


@wilfbrim: Same here. BOC's are cool and all but not cool enough to get a partial night's sleep.


Stayin up till midnight for a CHANCE for a BOC? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

Day one, yes it is worthwhile because people didn't know about it nor expect it. Now that it has been advertised on the woot site as well as social media, it's simply going to be a frenzy.

Not to mention I still get bitter with people using extra accounts to nab BOC when they are offered over a certain period of time with multiple offerings. All is fair however so I can't complain too much.


Well I actually only have to stay up until 10 on the west coast. That helps.


SO unfair to those of us on the East side. Got a couple of craps when they were at 5PM, don't care any more.


Afraid I missed it, and doubt if I can stay up late enough, watch the video for the URL long enough, and type fast enough to snag one in the future. I'm getting lazy. I see that thatdailydeal is offering their Christmas mystery bag again. Every year about this time I give in to my grief over missing out on the Woot BOC and splurge for the pricier ones over there (about $25 shipped). Great stuff in their mystery deals, especially for those of us who just can't seem to score one over here anymore. (sniff, sniff)


Since I will no longer make any purchases from Woot, I don't pay any attention to Woot-Offs or BOC's.


Even more to the point, did anyone score the second? My primary computer decided to take a little sojourn into update hell 10 minutes earlier, and my secondary computer nicely informed me that my flash player wasn't up-to-date instead of letting me just watch the vid. By the time I had it sorted out.....


@icthulhu: I relate. Went through computer hell during the last woot-off, so finally just gave up. Last night I was actually up at midnight (a bout of insomnia) but was running a scan on my laptop which slowed it down tremendously so I tried to score a BOC via my cell phone. Urgh. Just urgh.


BOC are not what they used to be it is just pure luck of getting ones hand on said BOC. I have been here for a few years and not even close once.


@eeekdageek: what did they take skill to get before?


I got the 2nd day one! Yeah!

I was really ready that time around.

I made sure my results were good and closed down every window/tab/application I had up.

I kinda lagged a little bit at the checkout though which was really scary.