questionscan anyone help me find the source for purchasing…


Found this in the About section of the Facebook page.

"DISCLAIMER : Magic of Art-does not create, claim credit or own any of the pictures you see. They are found on various websites on the internet. They are NOT edited, cropped, had water marks removed or altered in anyway. We find them and post them the way they are found, the art on this page is by other artists if you are not happy with the sharing then please inbox us and we will be happy to remove the artwork from the folders.

This is work by others that I have found and shared because I love art."

Looks to me like there is no interest in or intent to sell the images. I right clicked on an image and opened it in another tab. I was then able to right click again and save it to my hard drive; did it that way to get a larger image. Now, I could print it locally or copy to a flash drive and print at a photo machine if I wanted. Does this method work for you?


Ok, here's what you do:

Google actually lets you search using an image: ie you can copy the picture and put it straight into the google serach bar and find other pictures like it, or that exact picture on other sites if it exists. Just make sure you click on "Images" in the top bar.
Also, instead of copying the picture, (in Internet Explorer, not sure about other browsers) you can right click on it, click on properties, copy the picture url, paste it into Google image search and click "search by image."

I did this for the latest picture that they put up of the couch on the mountain and found that it is a piece called "Room Upstairs" by Jacek Yerka.

edit: To be more clear, you can "search by image" instead of using words to search by clicking on the little camera in the search bar of a Google Images search. Then it has the option of either pasting the image url or uploading an image.


Looks like a collection of images they have found on the internet, and the disclaimer posted is to keep them from getting sued by any of the artists.
(I won't get into a rant about intellectual property rights. :-P)

You can use Google search as suggested or a site called "Tineye" I tried a few of the images and found the original source with no problems. It's not perfect but it's your best chance at finding the artist and making a "legit" purchase. If you're not planning on selling the prints and you don't mind a lower quality you could easily copy the image to your PC, have it printed somewhere and frame it yourself. (Personally I'd rather know who made it and have a high quality print! :-) )


I knew if I put this question out to Wooters, someone would know what to do.
I've been trying to figure out how to do this for at least 3 months.
Help from Wooters came in less than 24 hours.
Now, if you could just tackle that nasty National Debt problem (LOL)

Sincerely though, thanks a ton. I appreciate the help.


@adam113089: Thank you! I would never have been able to figure that out myself. It's sometihing I'll be able to use for other information as well. I'm keeping a printed copy of your response in my desk and will add an electronic file to my personal "help" folder.


@jimeezlady: I agree with you. I prefer purchasing directly from the author (or there reps), but it does depend on my budget at the time. However, I always want to include and credit the author.
Thank you for your help! Susan


@tbgolladay: It works, now that you've told me how to do it:) Thank you for the help. I appreciate it a lot. Wooters rock!