questionsbest cheap internet provider?


In the Internet world, the availability of service is directly related to your location.

Typically, in an area, you will have 3 options:
1. Cable Internet - Local Cable Company
2. DSL - Local Phone Company
3. Wireless/Satellite - Companies like Hughes Net or Clear

Also, talk to your neighbors. A lot of times there are local companies that supply better service at cheaper prices. Where I live, we have a locally owned Fiber Optic company that provides way quicker speeds at cheaper prices. They are also locally opperated, so if I ever have an issue, I know where I'm calling (about 5 miles down the road in my case).

When you are comparing services and pricing. Look for things like:
*bandwidth capping - Caping the total ammount of data you can download in 1 month.
*Short Price Guarentees on Long Contracts - Example: 6 months at $29.95 then up to normal $100 price but you have to sign a 2-year contract. So, you're stuck paying too much for 1 1/2 years (Century Link does this)


@bogie21 Thanks for the input!...i had forgot to add that I live in a city called Coral Springs in Florida that doesnt allow Comcast but I like the idea of the local companies...thanks again!


Speaking of which, I just found out yesterday that our new house has Fiber Optic fo' cheap. I'm so excited about that! So long cable, you bastards!


Steal it from your neighbors.


If your like me and enjoy doing laundry while your page loads, go with Hughes Net.


@jimmyd103: I love unsecured wireless routers!


I went with a local DSL provider for a while, but the slow speed and frequent service interruptions left me no choice but to go with the evil that is known as Comcast.