questionswhat kind of deal do you like to see?


Electronics, home stuff (mostly lawn and garden), entertainment media, travel, and miscellaneous. Mostly what I am looking for is something I want or need (or someone close to me wants or needs) at a price lower than I can get elsewhere and within my financial reach.


I try to not buy things that I didn't know I needed, because I probably still don't need it.


@pulsetv: I do, too, but it doesn't always work out well. You guys have to stop selling that really great glass cleaner; I'm about out of storage space. My next tactic is to tell myself it'll make great holiday gifts.


I look for things I can need or can't resist (or that family members would like), at a lower price than elsewhere. Above all, I look for a genuine deal which involves a sale price, a discount coupon, or free shipping (when 'free shipping' isn't the company's usual policy).

With some financial reason to buy something, there's no impetus for me to buy it now.


For me, a deal needs to be a lower price than I can find elsewhere. It also needs to have free shipping, or the shipping cost needs to be posted so that I don't have to jump through hoops to figure out the total cost.
When a merchant posts a deal with no shipping info, I tend to assume there's a reason they haven't included that information.

My absolute favorite deals are on household items that I use a lot of. There's nothing better, in my world, than saving a nice chunk on something you know you're going to use, like coffee or cleaning products, for example. My grocery bills have dropped dramatically since I started using online deals to stock up.


@mamajamerson: Yes, I agree with everything you say, plus the actual price needs to be in the title. Saying "50% off" does nothing for me. I want to see "$N.NN". I find that those that only state percents are usually starting from an inflated price and are often higher priced than I can get locally. If they don't post a price, there is a reason and I don't even look at those any more.


@bigelowb: I somewhat agree with what you've said. For sure, a percent off discount sometimes leads to prices higher than can be found elsewhere at regular price.

I disagree, however, when the % off is at a well-known retailer. If it's a 15% discount at Macy's, for example, I know not to bother because I'm far too cheap to pay their prices even at 15% off. But, if it's the same discount at, say newegg, it may well be worthwhile.

And, if the discount does not exclude sale or clearance items, I am definitely gonna click and see what I can find. An example of that - just before Christmas last, Carson's offered such a discount. I ended up getting myself 6 sweaters for $20 with free next-day shipping. That was so good, I cried a little.


Lower price deals now that all day $5 shipping is gone.


One of the synonyms of deal is bargain, and that is the type of deal I look for. For example, say a car tire is normally $25 each. Sometimes you need just one, but usually you need four. So calling "four for $100" a deal would be incorrect in my opinion. Another tactic commonly used is "buy three, get the 4th free". Assuming the price of the three comes to $75, that's a deal. Raising the per price to $33, now it isn't a deal, we're just back to normal price with a pretty face painted on.

Another check to see if it is a deal, what was the price yesterday, and what will the price be tomorrow? If today's price is the same, it isn't a deal, it's just business as normal.

Also, as mentioned a percent off on something insanely marked up means nothing. Every jewelry store in the nation has an 85% off sale every single day. Big whoop, not a deal if you mark it up 1000% and then mark it down 85% of that price.


@mybestuser1: I have to correct myself. Lower price in relation to value of item. A deal is not a deal if the shipping makes it too expensive.


I like to see stuff that I like to buy.


But seriously if there's some item I've been thinking bout... i.e. let's say I want a new hair dryer (don't really need one, just want a new one for whatever reason)... if I see a deal for something my "want" might turn into a "need" and I may end up having to buy it.

I'm the queen of rationalization when it comes to unnecessary spending.