questionshas anyone put a new digitizer on an ipod ?


Could you post the model#? There are Youtube, follow along, videos. I used one the 1st time that I replaced an iPod touch screen. If this is not the latest model nano, or a high capacity earlier model, it will not be worth your time and money.


This will show you. Step by step.

WARNING: he makes it look easier than it is. WARNING 2: DO NOT touch the inside of the new screen.

Also: If you really want to do it, do not worry about buying from China if you are not in a hurry. I never have had an issue with it. That is where the parts are made.


Warning 3 if the digitizer is glued be careful you do not crack the display when you pull it off.

Are you sure it is only the digitizer that is damaged?
Watch other videos replacing the digitizer, see what they warn about. I am not sure you will find a reassembly video.


@morriea , @caffeine_dude :
Thanks for answering. The original videos I watched did make it seem like it wasn't that big of a deal. One of the places that sells them, has this thing they sell w/ the kit that warms it up to release the glue.
Maybe I'm better off just getting a refurb from Apple !

Thanks for your honest assessments. I have no problems adding chips and processors and changing out boards and whatever else in a full sized computer. This might be too small for my sanity.

I"ll let you know what I end up deciding.

PS it's working and new but digitizer smashed. Local store that gets dings and dents and discontinued stuff, etc.. has it.
Small town. I trust them. Of course, there could be stuff they don't know about them too.