questionswhat makes shampoo better for washing your hair…


This sounds like a job for SCIENCE!


@jsimsace: Thanks for the article, very interesting.


As a scientist, I'd put a lot more faith in that article if it had even a single reference. Not that I don't believe it (I get away with using soap alone just fine, even with my very thick hair), but the onus of proof is on the one crying wolf, to me.


@jsimsace: There's an older Onion headline that reads: "Listerine Company Invents, Cures Halitosis". While there's certainly plenty of merit to the idea that Advertising exists to sell us stuff we don't generally need, it's certainly not fair to accuse most modern products of being part of some conspiracy network*. We can probably all agree that there's not ever been any sort of Bad Breath Endemic, but nobody can legitimately deny that bad breath was invented just to sell us a product.

Similarly, shampoo does do just what that article alleges: it dries out your hair by removing natural oils. This is not a terrible thing, and it certainly isn't doing any sort of long term damage to most people's hair. Shampoo and conditioner leave hair in a much more presentable and all around attractive state than merely washing with soap.

*I'm not accusing you of believing in such a conspiracy. I recognize that you might have simply found parts of it interesting. I'm only speaking generally here.


@stark: Don't worry, I'm not connecting newsclippings on my wall with red string.

....not yet.


This is an interesting question because I buy my soap and shampoo from Bath and Bodyworks. At this time, they only have shampoo in two fragrances but soap in many others. In their C. O. Bigalow line, they have a product that is both a body wash and a shampoo.

In July they plan on releasing one fragrance (Ocean) in both bodywash and shampoo.

Since the shampoo and bodywash are both liquid, why don't they market them all as shampoo and bodywash in one product? There must be some difference otherwise they would. They are losing some marketshare by not selling their product as a shampoo as well.

I have several old bottles of shampoo from Bath and Bodyworks from their signature collection. They have stopped selling all of them but I know they used to carry that product. Could it be that there were some unknown issues with them such as hair falling out or some other consumer complaints that caused them to discontinue the product in the first place?


I resolve this issue simply by not bathing.


I (a woman, btw) switched to using plain old Castile brand bath soap to wash my hair. The texture of my hair after washing was a little different from what I was used to, but after a while I became accustomed to it, and now it seems perfectly fine.

My hair tends to be dry, and the Castile soap is so gentle it doesn't dry it out -- I use it to wash my face, too. I'm just a bad, bad consumer.

From the label: Kirk's Original Coco Castile. Healthy, Beautiful Skin Since 1839. Pure botanical coconut oil soap. Ultra gentle with no drying residue. No animal by-products or synthetic detergents (like sodium lauryl sulfate). All natural, hypoallergenic. Made in the USA.


See, having hair just brings you dilemmas like this...


Now I'm going to have to buy a bar of soap to compare to the ingredients in my shampoo...


Shampoo is better; I go on first and clean the hair! Stop looking at me swan!